#The_Month_of_Sport  Sport competitions are being continued

This year in May, on the occasion of the Republican «The Month of Sport», different sport competitions are held at our University.

On May 1 – 4, the chess sport competition is held among boys and girls – students of our University.

At the competition among boys – students, the students of Physical -Mathematical Faculty won all the prize – winning places, they are: the 1st place – A.Erdashev, the 2nd place – J.Kallibekov, the 3rd place – A.Esemuratov. And among girls, the student of Physical – Mathematical Faculty G.Jiemuratova won the 1st place, the student of Physical – Mathematical Faculty A.Orazymbetova – the 2nd place, the student of Uzbek Philology Faculty O.Abdullaeva – the 3rd place.

The winners were awarded with valuable presents by the University Sport Club.


                                                                  Vice – Dean of Physical Culture Faculty

                                                                                      for cooperation with youth.