Literary Party devoted to English literature

The first stage of the Literary Party devoted to English literature was held at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

This stage was conducted  as a quiz contest on 11th May  by  assistant teacher Aliya Tolewbaeva  with the participation of  Reading club members. As  a tradition of Reading Club, the books: “Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and “Far from the madding crowd” by Thomas Hardy, were announced  a week early to comfort the bookworms. The participants examined their reading skills by competing as a group of 4-5 members in each.

The groups: Pulchritude, Treasure and Crowd which made up by real book lovers contended with each other to find the true winner. The active leader of Reading Club and one of the organizer of the quiz contest, Indira Ermekbaeva  prepared  a quite engaging  activity, with scores and of course with bonuses, that participants could hardly want to end the game. Gathering the highest scores, the group “Pulchritude”  won the first place and the groups “Treasure” and “Crowd” followed them being second.

At the end of the contest, the winner were prized with proud, and students expressed their deep interest to be participants again in the future quiz contests.     


Teacher, English language and literature department.