To the attention of applicants who have become students!

List of documents submitted to a higher educational institution (university, institute) in accordance with the 2019 test protocol approved by the State Commission for admission to educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

✅  1. Application form addressed to the rector;

✅  2. Copy of passport – 4 pcs (with presentation of the original);

✅  3. The original diploma or certificate (with attachment);

✅  4. The original certificate confirming the level of language proficiency;

✅  5. Photo 3.5 x 4.5 – 12 pcs;

✅  6. Folder for documents (folder);

✅  7. Envelope with format of A5;

✅  8. Application form to the student dormitory (for students with documents proving low income or difficult living conditions)

✅  9. For those who entered on preferential terms (original of the preferential document).


☝️ Note: Starting Monday, you must submit these documents to the institution of higher education you entered. If possible, follow the pages on the social networks of the higher educational institution where you have become a student!