Let changes will go from the heart

All members of our society today unanimously agree that corruption fundamentally harms any development and destroys it internally. The reforms carried out by the head of our state are widely welcomed by the people. Particularly positive changes in education, in the hearts of our young people, have strengthened faith in the great future.

Unfortunately, it cannot be said that everyone is equally actively transforming higher education into a system of combating corruption. It’s a shame to see our colleagues who still cannot get rid of the shortcomings of the past and still live in the spirit of the old world. It is time to introduce effective management mechanisms into the system, including strong public control and effective and fair measures in all aspects of the educational process. Achieving the higher goal is reflected in the introduction of higher education, based on the principles of openness, justice and transparency in the relationship between teachers and students, as well as in strengthening its regulatory framework.

Definitely in a higher education institution, it is necessary to carry out a number of measures to achieve the effectiveness of the educational process and ensure transparency in assessing students’ knowledge. First, we need to create a regulatory framework, starting with the employment of professors and teachers to work and ending with control over all their teaching activities, their assessment based on specific criteria and the adoption of effective measures if necessary; secondly, we need strong public control; thirdly, each of us must feel with our hearts the essence of today’s reforms.

Of course, today’s news, which is distributed in the media and social networks, ranging from rectors and administrators of all higher educational institutions, industry leaders to employees and students, is urged to fight corruption “with the whole world”.

Therefore, the main responsibility of our youth as future professionals of our country is to continue the merciless fight against corruption, raise awareness of its negative consequences and, ultimately, create a healthy moral environment in our society.

Akhmed REYMOV,

Rector of Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh.