Actual problems of Karakalpak linguistics

Since the 1920s, a new period has begun in the development of the Karakalpak language. During this time, the Karakalpak people for the first time in their history acquired a nationwide written language, a national literary language. By 1940, the current phonetic, grammatical norms of the Karakalpak language were formed, and the Karakalpak language became the national literary language, serving equally for all people in oral and written forms.

The official adoption of the Karakalpak language on December 1, 1989 as the state language of the Republic of Karakalpakstan created the conditions for the comprehensive development of the national literary language. Within the 30 years after the adoption of the law, many changes and innovations occurred in the vocabulary of the Karakalpak language.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the status of the state language of the Karakalpaklanguage. In this regard, various events and scientific-theoretical conferences are organized in all places of our Republic.

In honor of the holiday, on November 29 of this year, atKarakalpak State University named after Berdakh, the republican scientific-theoretical conference entitled “Actual problems of linguistics of the Karakalpak language” was held.

The conference was led by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairsof the University M.Ibragimov.

Head of the Writers’ Union of KarakalpakstanK.Karimov, Academician Zh.Bazarbayev, Professor Sh.Abdinazimov, veteran U.Ashirbekov, Poet B.Genzhemuratov and others made a speech and noted that based on the new stage of current development – the period of requirements for national development, extensive work is being carried out to increase the authority of the mother tongue and its place in society, to deeply study its historical roots, to comprehensively develop it on a scientific basis and to expand its range of application, to increase to a new level the training of philologists, and that it is necessary to further strengthen work in this area.

At the end of the meeting, a concert was prepared by famous masters of art of the Republic and the folk ensemble “Khurliman” of the University.