KSU in the project EMI (English as a medium of instruction)

On 10-15 February 2020 the British Council in partnership with the Ministry of higher and secondary specialised education organised the materials design training for 16 higher education institutions from all over Uzbekistan within the English as Medium of Instruction (EMI) programme.

70 ESP and content teachers benefitted from the three-day training with Rod Bolitho and Jason Skeet, leading material design experts from Norwich Institute for Language Education.

The event was run in a recently launched Professional Development Centre in Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanisation Engineers.

Seizing the opportunity, the teachers of the Karakalpak State University follow the project to contribute to the development of our university.Since the beginning of this international project EMI (English as a medium of instruction), teachers from the Karakalpak State University of the Faculty of Economics, Tazhekeyev Z., the Faculty of Civil Engineering Yeshniyazov R., and the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​A. Toleubaev and G. Najimova have been actively involved.


teacher of the faculty of foreign languages.