The Department of Chemical Technology was founded in 1993 as the Department of Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources. Starting from 1996, the Faculty of Chemistry began training specialists in the field of chemistry, chemistry, technology, and therefore the department was renamed the Department of “Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Technology.” The department was headed by associate professors B.Tanirbergenov (1993-1994), B.Zharekeev (1994-2005), M.Aymbetov (2005-2006), B.Allambergenov (2006-2009), B.Nurymbetov (2009-2012), M. Ayymbetov (2012-2018). Since 2018, the department is headed by Associate Professor Hozhametova B.

In the Department of Chemical Technology, highly qualified personnel are trained in areas 5320400 – Chemical technology, 53320900 – Design and technology of light industry products, 5321000 – Food processing technology, 5320300 – Machinery technology.

Since the foundation of the department, close attention is paid to training in technology. To achieve this goal, the department collaborates in the field of scientific research with the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology, Tashkent Textile Institute, the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Navoiazot LLC, NukusMirab OJSC, Kungrad Soda Plant UE, NUKUS OJSC -TEXTILE, JSC ASIA SILK VJETNAM SHUBA, and JSC ELITE STARS TEXTILE.

In order to improve the quality of education, the department invites leading experts of these areas for teaching students special subjects.

Students of the department practice in the leading enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan TTESI, LLC Navoiazot, OJSC NukusMirab, UE Kungradsky Soda Plant, OJSC NUKUSTEKSTIL, OJSC ASIA SILK VJETNAM SHUBA and OJSC ELITE STARS TEXTILE with institute General and inorganic chemistry AS RUz