Dean faculty of history:

Kutlimuratov Farkhad Kalbaevich




  1. Social Studies
  2. Archeology
  3. History of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan
  4. Pedagogy and Psychology

The law faculty was  opened in 1993. Since 1999-2000 at the faculty the magistracy on a speciality «Civil law, a family law, civil process, international law» was opened. Nowadays at the  faculty 11 magistrants on speciality State law and management ( Constitutional law, Municipal and Bank law , History and theory of state and law)also 688 bachelor students get education.

As a result of association of Law faculty and history faculties was organized History and law.

On an extent with 1977 to 2008 deans of faculty were K.Saribaev ,  B.Shamambetov, I.Torebekov, E.Umarov, M Kydyrnijazov, B.Matmuratov, Z.Hakimnijazov, E.Kutybaeva. Since 2008 the dean of  the faculty has been  the candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor Allamuratov A T.

Education system:

Bachelor majors

  1. 5111600, 5141500 – National idea, bases of spirituality and legal education
  2. 5120300 – History (on regions and states)

Magistracy majors

  1. 5А240101 – State law and Management ( Constitutional law; Municipal and Bank law ; History and theory of  state and law).
  2. 5А120401 – Archeology
  3. 5А120301 – History of Uzbekistan

Teachers staff-89

Doctors of Sciences – 6.

Candidates of Science – 33.

International programs and projects