Speciality of  Turkmen  language  and  literature was founded in 1992 and Kazakh  language  and  literature was  founded in 1993. The department of  Turkish filology was  reorganized in the  result of  combining  Kazakh  and  Turkmen filology  departments in  2005.

At  the  department, during  1997-2004  docent  B. Beketov,  2004-2008  docent  K.Aralbaev,  2008-2015  docent  G.Adilova worked  as the chairman of  the  department,  since 2015  J.Sharipova  has  been working as the chairman of  the  department.  A.Shikhiev  and  A.Sarihov  worked  as this position  for Turkmen filology.

Ph.D docent K.Jumajanov, Ph. D docent J.Kayirbaev, Ph. D docent                    Kh. Amiraliev, Ph. D docent  R.Ayapbergenov,  Ph. D docent  E.Mergenbaev,     Ph. D M.Abilov,  Ph.D  G.Khamidullaev  worked at the department before.

At present, they are 11 professors: 1 scientist (T.Keruenov), 2  Doctor of scientists (doc. K.Aralbaev, doc. O.Gaylieva), 1 Senior teacher (G.Adilova), assisstant  teacher Sh.Smamutova, A.Serikbaeva, S.Avezklicheva, Z.Jepbarova, A.Kurtchaev, Ch. Chariev are working. The  teacher of  the  department work about  private  initiative   2 works:  1. Issues  of  Turkmen  language and literature in Karakalpakistan,  mutual issues of  Turkish language.

2.Issuess of Turkish languages and literature. They have been attending with their  statements  to the  international  scientific – theorial conferences which hold in the Republic of  Kazakhstan, for the language and literature.

In October, 2018 senior teacher Adilova Gulshat defended doctor’s dissertation on the topic “Lingvocultural analusis of Karakalpakstan’s kazaks”

There was the department  of  Turkish  filology  until 2015, it has been changed to (order № 213/1 19.06)  filology  (Kazakh and Turkmen language) department in June, 2015.

During 3 years 70-80 more scientific articles and thesis of professors of the chair were announced in foreign countries.

Professors of  philology department


Hamidov Husnitdin Hamidovich candidate of science, professor, academic. He was  5 january born in 1935-year in Chimbay in 1953-1955 he was a student of Karakalpak  state teacher’s Institute the department of Russian language and literature. 1971-1983 he was the chair of the department of hand  writing Uzbekistan science of academy Karakalpakstan, among 1983-1986 he was high employee in the institution of language and  literature in Karakalpakstan, in 1990-1995 he was the chairman of university in Arabic philology during 2003-2008, he was the ruler of special Comity to investigate the scientific dissertations (researches) which is situated near the Karakalpak state University. To 2006 year from  2015, he worked     the professor  of  faculties. He was awarded with medal of “Shuhrat”.


Sharipova Janar Ganibaevna assistant-teacher. She was born in 12 of may in 1970 in Nukus. She was graduated from Kazakh language and literature faculty, in Nukus state pedagogical institution. Specialty is the teacher of Kazakh language and  literature. From December 2015, she is the chair of philology (Kazakh language, Turkmen language) anf the author of a material of the study book and various scientific articles.


Aralbaev Qayirjan Qayipbergenovich candidate of science, docent. He was born 24 of September in 1946 in Muynak. He was graduated in 1968 from Kazakh language and literature faculty named after Abay Kazakh state pedagogical institution. The Right qualited teacher of kazakh language and literature. In 1992, he defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Historical novel of Greggins of I. Essenberlin” in the Republic of Kazakhstan. More than 40 scientific articles and theses have been published. The author of a monograph and 10 materials of the study books. From 2008, he has been working as the docent of the faculty.


Kerwenov Turganbay Arazmedovich doctor of science, docent. He was born on the 18th of June, in 1979 in Shomanay district. In 2003 he graduated from the magistrates department on the specialty Karakalpak literature. In 2016, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the theme “The use of myths in the Karakalpak poetry of the 19th century.” He published more than 30 scientific articles and theses, 1 monograph, 2 educational and methodical manuals. From 2017, he works as an associate professor at the Department of  Philology (Kazakh, Turkmen).


Gaylieva Ogulbay Qurbanmuradovna candidate of science, docent. She was born on the 26th of October in 1977 in Khodjeyli. She graduated from the Karakalpak state university on the specialty The Turkmen language and literature. In 2002 she graduated from the magistrate department on the specialty The Karakalpak literature. In 2006 she defended her Ph.D. thesis on “Genre and Formality of Intermediate Forms in the Contemporary Karakalpak Poetry (Free and Pervert Songs of 1970-2000)”. He published more than 30 scientific articles and theses, and 4 manuals.