Dear compatriots, let every day be Navruz!

Navruz, the holiday which comes during the first days of spring, when there is the shining sun in the sky of our country and pleasant warm wind, the holiday of renewal, revival and creativity, awakens beautiful feelings in the soul of every person. Navruz, which is celebrated all over our Republic, initiates special delight and inspiration.

March, 25 2019. The facade of Karakalpak State University has been decorated in a festive mood. The representatives of our community gathered to celebrate the holiday which began with the theatricalized literary – musical show «Dear compatriots, let every day be Navruz!». At the stage the melodies of music, valuable both for young and old people, expressed awakening of nature, coming of spring and reflection of prosperous life of our country.

Then Rector of our University Akhmet Reymov had a speech in which he congratulated the guests on Navruz – the holiday of renewal and revival and wished fulfilment of all the dreams in creative work to each person and all our people who expect big hopes from this year.

In the folk part of the concert program «Tusau kesyu» there were such kind of national songs like «Nauryz», «Karakalpak Beauties», «Moynak», «Kyz kuyu», which reflect spiritual inner world of our ancestors and inspire joy in the souls of the audience.

The yurtas set at both sides of the stage represented national traditions and customs, hospitality, tea ceremonies and respectful relations between parents, daughters – in – law, children and grandchildren.

The Navruz sumalyak symbolizing peace and prosperity of our country was delivered to the guests of the festive program.

At the event the songs by famous actors and young talents, the performance of inmates of Children’s Home №1 of Khodjeli region and dances performed by the national ensemble of the University “Khurliman” made a great impression on the audience.

The head and members of the government of our Republic, representatives of the society participated at the event.

KSU Press Service.

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