“We remember and appreciate your work!”

At the Russian Language and Literature Department there was held a meeting with veterans organized by Associate Professor of the department L.Т.Kabulova. The meeting was attended by Director of the Russian Cultural Center G.A.Zorkina, Dean of Foreign Languages Faculty Dj.A.Kurbanbayev, Head of the department U.K.Khudaybergenova, the veterans, teachers and also the students of the department. The meeting was prepared for the veterans of the department, who devoted their lives to the science, education of our young scientists and made a significant contribution to the formation and prosperity of the Russian Philology of Karakalpak State University.

At the event the 1, 2, 3 – year students had presentations about all the teachers from the opening of the department up to these days. Everybody was happy. Everything was organized on high level.


Head of the Russian Language and Literature Department.