Representatives of the German SES Program have visited our University

On May 22, 2019, Head of the Central Asian projects of the German SES Program Yulia Sholtes and the representative of the SES Program in Uzbekistan Karina Ayvazova met with Rector of Karakalpak State University.

At the meeting, Rector of our University Akhmed Reymov gave information on the University to the guests. He also expressed his gratitude to Hans Gunther Passman, a German-language teacher of the SES program and expressed confidence on further cooperation within the framework of the program.

Yulia Sholtes, in turn, thanked the rector for the reception and provided with the information on the SES program.

She also noted that the program started its work in 1983 and consists of the specialists who are in pension. It was also noted that in order to attract experts of the SES program it is necessary to send an application form three months before. Within the framework of the program, Hans Gunther Passman plans to come to KSU in November.

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