On January 10 of this year, a meeting was held at the Faculty of Economics of KSU, dedicated to January 14 – “Day of Defenders of the Fatherland”. The meeting was attended by senior lieutenant of the 533th battalion of the NCR of the Northwest Military District S. Timirov, senior lieutenant of the 533th battalion of the NCR of the North Caucasus Military District M. Shodiev, dean of the Faculty of Economics T. Zhiemuratov, faculty and students of the faculty.

In order to form a feeling of patriotism among young people, to ensure the unity of the people and the army, an organized meeting was held under the motto “The Motherland is sacred, its protection is everyone’s honorable duty”.

The guests of the meeting told students about the establishment of January 14 as the day of defender of the Motherland in the Republic of Uzbekistan, about the formation, goals, objectives and significance of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, about Tumaris, which defended the homeland from invaders, about the heroic struggle of Temur Malik, Jalaladdin Manguberda, Mahmud Taragay against the troops of Genghis Khan, about the generation of Amir Temur who created a powerful state in the Middle Ages.

Also, that the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, in order to improve the results of reforms in the field of the armed forces, has signed the Law “On the Defense Doctrine of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. This doctrine demonstrates the principles of openness of foreign policy of Uzbekistan, the development of friendly and constructive relations with its closest neighbors. In it, strengthening the independence and sovereignty of the state is identified as the main task. Along with this, the guests of the meeting said that making a feasible contribution to ensuring the prosperity and development of the Motherland, peace in the state for each citizen is not only an obligation, but also an honorable task.