“SPEAKING CLUB: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertisement”

Starting an English Speaking club is one of the best ways to improve Spoken English. English clubs allow English language learners to practice speaking in an informal, relaxed environment.  In order to help to improve speaking and listening skills to the 1st year students, the teachers of English language and Literature department Djoldasbaeva Khurliman and Maratova Aysulu have organized an English Club. The students were really active, enthusiastic and they had a lot of fun. Students were able not only to speak English but also tried to speculate on various topics at the same time exchanging ideas with each other.

For example, on the first day of our speaking club we discussed the topic “advantages and disadvantages of advertisement”. When we had a “boiling” debate students could provide strong arguments with supporting ideas and examples from real life. We’re sure that students could learn how to think critically on various issues and how to behave during debates and how to respect each other. And finally, they could have fun with their peers and meet new friends with whom they have the same interests and aims like enhancing their speaking skills.

Djoldasbaeva Khurliman,

Teacher of English and Literature Department




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