A charity visit to Boarding school №1 by the 2nd year students of English language and literature department

On 26th of December, 2020, with the leadership of group curators, 2nd year  students of the departments of English language and literature in cooperation with English linguistics of KSU were hosted in a  boarding school of deaf- mute children №4, which is inclined in our capital city. With the intention of doing charity works before New Year, group curators Taganiyazova.S and Utepov.A as well as students brought gifts to children by congratulating them on upcoming New Year holiday and wished them health and happiness. In its turn, the pricipal of the school, assistant principal and teachers had speeches on recent changes and shared news about the school life. Along with that, the special interpreter participated during the socializing process between school children and students of KSU.

At the end of the meeting, two-sided whiteboards and blackboards with vibrant markers were handed in the principal of the school. The meeting ended up with taking photos with school children as a memento. Besides, the community of school expressed their limitless gratitude and wished good luck for a farewell.




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