Information on seminar trainings conducted during the study

On November 7, 2020, in order to improve international cooperation, a seminar on “Macroeconomic problems: inflation and unemployment” was organized in the Zoom program with the participation of 2nd year students of the Faculty of Economics and Associate Professor of Kazakhstan National Agrarian University, Doctor of Philosophy in Economics A.Ismaylova.

During the seminar, the lecturer provided students with information on the content, types and causes of inflation and unemployment, and their calculation indicators.

He explained to the students that in the current pandemic, inflation and unemployment are mainly caused by macroeconomic problems, the factors that lead to an increase in inflation and unemployment in this period.

After that, the seminar training continued in the form of questions and answers, and students received answers to their questions. Students expressed their gratitude to A.Ismaylova for a meaningful seminar training.


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