Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of Theory and Practice of Translation, work of 4th year students

On October 26, 2020, the 4th year students of the Department of  Theory and Practice of Translation of the Karakalpak State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​began their work at the State Museum of History and Culture of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

 On the first day, the students were introduced to the museum. From the first day of the practice, the museum exhibits aroused great interest among the practicians, who had a lot of information. The next day of the proceeding , the students were introduced to the Kara Uy, the national symbol of the Karakalpak people. In addition, explanations were given on many topics, such as “Koykyrylgan kala”, “Ustyrt tegyslygi”, and they were given translation works as hometask on various topics.

At present, students are fully involved in the practice and get acquainted with the information they are interested in, and this practice will continue until December 26, 2020.

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