Corruptions is the path to ignorance

Corruption is derived from the Latin word for “bribe-taker”. This word, which is spoken in every field today, is common in our lives as well.

    Corruption is also a major problem in education. All necessary efforts are being made to eliminate this problem first.

     In order to eradicate corruption, we must first make a broad impression on the younger generation. For this purpose, a meeting with group leaders was organized at the Faculty of Physics. At this meeting,it was explained to the students that corruption is the path to ignorance, they are the founders of tomorrow, so we need to prevent corruption in our education.

    Tomorrow is in the hands of  our youth, and if there is corruption, it will lead to the loss of our knowledge without knowledge, the state will not develop. There fore, we need to eliminate this, prevent corruption, and create opportunities for the development of tomorrow.

        Rakhima Omarova

        2nd year student of the

        Faculty of Pysics



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