Initial observation by EFL Shawn Singh

It was a pleasure observing Aysuluw’s Listening and Speaking class for 2nd year students at Karakalpak State University. Today’s topic was on global culture, where students discussed the similarities and differences between Western European and Asian cultures. Aysuluw incorporated a mixture of independent and group work where students practiced their listening, reading, and speaking skills. Eager students like Saltan, for example, described several differences in wedding traditions. Where the bride generally wears red colors in Asian cultures, brides in Western cultures typically wear white. I was able to share personal anecdotes of my own experience observing Indian weddings where the bride also wears red colors. The lesson concluded with a listening exercise consisting of individuals discussing the positive and negative aspects of global culture. Students correctly pointed out which speakers argued for and against global culture and offered their own unique perspectives. Overall, I was impressed at the students’ ability to express their opinions in English throughout the duration of the lesson. Aysuluw also did a great job pushing her students to think critically and help them further clarify their arguments.

                                                                                                                 Инглис тили ҳәм әдебияты кафедрасы.

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