Sport is a pillar of health

 Everyone wants to live a healthy life without getting sick in this life.  To do this, each of us must regularly engage in exercise and sports.  Regular exercise refreshes a person and improves not only health but also mental development.

       Great attention is paid to the development of sports in our country.  Gyms are being built in many places, equipped with the necessary sports equipment, creating conditions for the development of our sport.

      For this purpose, a number of active young people of the Faculty of Physics came together and organized a competition in volleyball among girls in grades 7-8 at school No. 23 in Nukus.

      The winning teams were awarded diplomas and medals by active students.

      The competition was interesting and in high spirits.  Such efforts will help the younger generation to follow the right path.

         Students of the Faculty of Physics

         Berdakh Esenbaev

         Rakhima Omarova

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