The Winner of the Berdak Scholarship

      It is not said in vain that “knowledge acquired in youth is like a stone engraved” because today’s young people are not tired of working, researching and learning for their future from an early age. This was Dilnoza  Jaksulikova, a third-year student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​at Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh. She knew that she saw every day as a way to achieve something new, and that she should not stop trying to work hard. After the independence of our country, the door was opened for a wide range of opportunities for in-depth education of our youth. In this age of opportunity, Dilnaza uses every minute sparingly and excels in all subjects, not only in social work, but also in scientific research. His scientific works are published in scientific and practical journals in Kiev. At the same time, Dilnaza actively participates in the elections held throughout the country and is awarded “Certificates”.

       Dinoza Jaksulikova is a member of the club “Int-trans world” of the  Faculty. Her scientific articles are published in newspapers and magazines, and she is a winner of scientific conferences. Her translations were published by “Bilim” Publishing House and she is a member of the English club. Also, the winner of the nomination “The best translator” in the annual competition dedicated to the tradition of the concert “Interprators and translators World”, which is held at the university.

       As a result of her research and interest in science, she won the Berdak Scholarship for 2020-2021. This gift placed a great responsibility on Dilnoza with the trust of her teachers. At the same time, she did not stop and set a goal to achieve high results. We hope that these achievements will justify the trust of Dilnoza’s teachers and parents, and  she will achieve great results in her future scientific work.


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