Today at the Department of the English Language and Literature we started our “Korean Club”. A lot of students from different groups of the Department took part in it. The main purpose of creating this kind of club is to introduce the Korean language and culture to more number of students, inspire them to get to know and learn this beautiful language. Moreover, this club represents a supplement to the Korean lessons that are held at the Faculty of the University so that learners will have more opportunities and access to the language which is interesting for them.

             Since it was the first meeting of the club it started with learning the Korean alphabet. It is known that for some learners it is a bit challenging to acquaint themselves with Korean letters on their own. For this reason today’s meeting was highly requested and beneficial as well, assisting students in this process.

               During the meeting students got acquainted with all the Korean letters and started to read simple one- two-syllable based words. There were also some exercises to practice the learnt material.  To the end of the meeting learners were presented with some basic words that are used in everyday life such as “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Sorry” and etc.

              The meeting of the Club was held with the assistance of 3rd year student-volunteer of the English Language and Literature Department Pirnazarova Shakhnoza.

          To sum up, the meeting was highly useful and effective for the learners and it gave good hopes to continue the idea of this “Korean Club”.




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