The library is added with more books

At the faculty of Foreign languages,  the department of English language and literature received  62 books including theoretical, practical, fictional, pronunciational, grammar, and assessment  books from the US Embassy in Uzbekistan. If it is calculated, the cost of the books is $ 2300. However, US Embassy in Tashkent gave these books for free. Teachers of this department are planning to create book club for the next month by using the wide range of books. These resources  can be used by both teachers and students in order to enhance their lessons’ outcomes. Besides, students can get pedagogical knowledge in order to better develop the ideas about how to teach grammar or pronunciation.

It is significant  Gozzal Utemuratova, the teacher of the department of English language and literature, assisted in making contact with US Embassy to get these valuable publications. 

The department of English language and literature



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