Master class was held at Academic Lyceum of Karakalpak State University

On April 27, the head of the English Language and Literature department of foreign languages faculty Z.Uteshova and the EL Instructor Shawn Singh from America carried out a master class on  English Language at the lyceum.

This master class aims to provide some innovative strategies for improving listening and speaking skills of English Language of secondary level students. Effective Listening in English language, guiding the students towards effective oral communication, is the problem with all the ESL students at secondary level and as such it creates a problem for English language teachers, said native speaker of this language Mr.Singh.  The objective of the lesson was to help the English language students to overcome this problem by showing the results of innovative strategies for improving English language listening and speaking skills.

Mr.Singh and Z. Uteshova gave motivation to the students to speak fluently English by conducting wonderful practical lesson.


Feruza Kalkhorazova


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