“STUDENTS’ JAPANESE HOLIDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN NUKUS”, said Dj.Kurbanbaev, Dean of Foreign Languages Faculty

From the recent years we are having Japanese language lessons at our University. The students are interested not only in the language, but also its culture. Sarbinaz Berdimuratova, the teacher challenged all the students to join together.

On May, 22, 日本文化祭 Japanese culture holiday was held in the Academic Lyceum of Karakalpak State University. Djavod Kurbanbaev, the dean, opened the event and proudly stated that it was the first Japanese holiday that was held by students.

At the event, active students of KSU and NSPI participated and showed their talents to the youth of the lyceum. Capable students presented their songs, dances and performances in Japanese. The holiday was the beginning point of Japanese learning and its progress.


Dinora Begdullaeva

2nd year student of

Foreign Languages Faculty



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