In the afternoon, Rector of the University, Professor Akhmed Reymov received Marton Krasnay. Marton Krasnay thanked the rector for the warm welcome and noted that the University has a wide range of opportunities and highlighted the readiness of Corvinus University to cooperate with Karakalpak State University.

Professor Akhmed Reymov expressed his interest in carrying out joint work in the field of studying soil composition during the formation of forests in the Aral Sea basin, growing plants, creating new plant species resistant to new conditions through biotechnological research, as well as providing clean drinking water to improve public health.

In turn, Marton Krasnay is the project manager of the Swiss non-profit organization LATMA. During the meeting, a trilateral agreement was signed between Karakalpak State University, the non-profit organization LATMA and the Aral International Innovation Center.

According to the agreement, the goal of the project is to provide a school in the Aral Sea region with clean drinking water. The scientists of Karakalpak State University have stated that they are ready to study the composition of water, determine its usefulness and provide technical support for the installation and use of treatment facilities.

During the meeting, Director of the Aral International Innovation Center N.Mirzamuratov spoke about Karakalpak State University as the largest research center in Karakalpakstan, the Aral International Innovation Forum and the possibility of implementing many projects with foreign partners.

KSU Press Service

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