Being a teacher is not easy

Today in our society there is a growing demand for teachers with modern and in-depth knowledge. In order to prepare professionally oriented personnel, as well as increase interest in the education system and have the opportunity to prove ourselves as a teacher, to feel the importance of the profession and gain experience – we are students of the Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh , from the first days of study we undergo compulsory pedagogical practice.

Nowadays  we have started to make “Demo lessons”.  The difference between demo lessons with other lesson is that the teacher has the opportunity to show more of his or her potential. 

On October 14, Iroda Jumaniyazova, a 405th group student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages      and Literature, gave a demo lesson on “Markets and Supermarkets” to 6th graders at School 17.  Atashova F and Zairova N from the Department of English Language and Literature also took part in it.  The lesson was very lively with a variety of activities.  We were especially happy to see the students’ thirst for knowledge.  At the end of the lesson, our Methodists F. Atashova, N. Zairova and English teacher M. Buetdinova shared their feedbaks and comments.  Admittedly, there is a big difference between theoretical knowledge and practice.  Being a teacher is not easy.  And  Pedagogical Practice is helping us a lot in this regard.


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