Graduates’ English Month at school №32

Practice time is the time whenstudents improve their practical skills. The students of groups417 and 403of ForeignLanguages Faculty, English philology department, are improving their practical skills at school 32 in Nukus. During the pedagogical practice, students are practicing with methodological toolsand filling indocuments. Students have been learning how to use interesting materials for the lesson and cope with pupils from the methodologists of the school. To be great and knowledgeable teachers in the future, they holdDemo lessons and receivesuggestions and advices from the school and Universitymethodologists.

Yesterday, 02.11.2021,the students wonderfully organized “English Month” event that was devoted to English Month “November is English Month”as a present for the teachers of school32. The teachers of the school,Associate Professor Khadjieva D. and Najimova G. observed and enjoyed the event. In the event, pupils of the school amazingly performed fairytales in English such as “Little house”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “The musicians of Bremen town”and English songs. All the participants were awarded with memorable gifts and teachers of the school and University closed the event with warm wishes.

Foreign Languages Faculty

417-group student Sagindikova B.

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