Next Stop Nukus Project members meeting with the Deputy Chief of Mission of the USA Embassy



          On April 9, 2022 the project coordinator of “Next Stop Nukus” Uzakhbaeva Ayzada and the students of faculty of foreign languages met with the Deputy Chief of Mission of the USA Embassy Mr Paul Poletes at the Youth Centre of Nukus city.



          During the meeting, the accomplishments of “Next Stop Nukus” project was presented and how it had contributed to developing tourism branch in Karakalpakstan and improving students’ speaking and writing skills since the start of the project. The students described what they had discovered new things about their city, what experiences they had had on sightseeing trips and what the results of the work had been.



           Towards the end of the meeting, the Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy, Mr. Paul Poletes remarked on the importance of the project in developing tourism sphere and improving students’ English language skills, and mentioned that during the presentation he had discovered several wonderful places in Karakalpakstan and wanted to visit them.

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