Next Stop Nukus is a project aimed at both improving the English language skills of students at Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh and contributing to the development of the tourism industry in Karakalpakstan. This project is sponsored by US Embassy in Tashkent.

           There are two reasons for this. The tourism industry in Nukus is underdeveloped and there is a lack of information about the main points of interest in the area. Second, students at the university are looking for new and novel ways to improve their English language skills. This project targets both through a unique opportunity for students to experience their city in a novel way and provide useful information to future tourists, but it has amazing potential for tourism and this is evidenced by the recent Presidential decree by President Mirzoyev No. UP-6199 dated 06.04.2021 to increase overall tourism investment across the country. Secondly, university students are looking for new and original ways to improve their English language skills and by providing them with a unique opportunity to experience the city in a new way and provide useful information to future tourists.

           The founder of this project is Shawn Singh, a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. The project coordinator of Next Stop Nukus is Ayzada Uzakhbaeva, a teacher of the Department of English Language and Literature.



           For this project, 60 students from the Faculty of Foreign Languages, namely the English department, have been selected. They will visit different points of interest in Karakalpakstan and provide information by writing reviews on websites such as Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yandex and Seeing Beyond Catastrophe.

The main aim of this project is improving English speaking and writing skills.

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