What have we learnt from the subject “Intercultural Competence”?

In order to be able to function effectively across cultures, to communicate and work with people from different cultural backgrounds, 3rd year students have had a subject ” Intercultural Competence”.

On June 10, at English Linguistics Department of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Karakalpak State University the event which is called ” What have we learnt from the subject “Intercultural Competence”? was organized by group 302. The responsible teacher for the subject Badirova Dilfuza Asamatdinovna started the event with an opening speech expressing her gratitude to the students for organizing the event. The teachers of the faculty were the guests of the event. Under the guidance of the teachers, students performed their knowledge and skills actively and successfully. There were dances of different countries, their songs, roleplays about the misunderstanding situations related to gestures. They organized the games including participants from the audience. At the end of the event, teachers commented and thanked for the organization of the party.

3rd year student Berdimuratova Aziz


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