“FUN MOMENTS” at the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Foreign Languages

As global communication expands throughout the world so does the need for a global language. The English language serves for this purpose. It plays a great role in our daily life developing the essential skills. Every year we celebrate English Week, the main objective being to enhance language proficiency. It provides a good training ground for developing communication skills.
This year we also conducted the “FUN MOMENTS” event prepared by the freshmen, sophomore and junior students of the Department of the English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. An array of activities was conducted to enhance confidence and competence of the students. It was a concert show which included various activities like Drawing competition, Dubbing videos, Dancing and singing activities, A couple of Thematic role plays, Jeopardy game, and some Parody and comedy moments. The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.
As this was an entertaining event there was a competition among all students who would like to show off the skill of drawing. It was a challenging job for the judges and a pretty tough challenge for the participants too. We were happy to announce the winners of contests during the event.

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