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Faculty of Construction


Dean of the faculty:

Uzakov Torebek Djumabaevich

Candidate of Technical Sciences

Reception days: Tuesday and Friday from 09.00 to 13.00.


Deputy Dean on Academic Affairs:

Purkhanatdinov Aman Purkhanatdinovich

Doctor of philosophy (PhD)

+998 (91) 375-12-21
Reception days: every day (except Sunday) from 09.00 to 13.00.


Deputy Dean on Youth Affairs:

Nurniyazov Saparbay Kurbaniyazovich

+998 (91) 307-17-69


Reception days: every day (except Sunday) from 14.00 to 18.00.


Deputy Dean:

Seytimbetov Allayar Minsizbaevich

+998 (91) 388-07-77


Reception days:

every day (except Sunday) from 14.00 to 18.00.


The History of the Faculty
In 1990, on the basis of the Nukus Construction College, the Nukus branch of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute was opened. T. Atamuratov became the first dean of the faculty. In 1991, the Faculties of Architecture and Construction were separated from the structure of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute and the Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Construction was formed. The Nukus branch was renamed into the Nukus General Technical Faculty and J. Ataniyazov was approved as its dean.
The faculty trained civil engineers in the specialties “Industrial and civil construction”, “Water supply, sewerage, rational use and protection of water resources” and they were taught by teachers of the department of general technical disciplines under the leadership of PhD, Associate Professor K. Baimanov.
In 1995, the Nukus General Technical Faculty of the Tashkent Architecture and Construction Institute became part of the Karakalpak State University as a Civil Engineering Faculty. In 2005, the Faculty of Civil Engineering was merged with the Faculty of Physics and was renamed the Faculty of Physics and Technology.
In 2009, architectural and construction directions separated from the Faculty of Physics and Technology and a technical faculty was formed. Since 2019, the Technical Faculty has been divided into two faculties: Construction and Architecture. During that time, B. Abdikamalov, H. Abdullaev, K. Ismaylov, M. Tagaev, T. Uzakov, M. Ayimbetov, K. Dauletov, B. Dauletmuratov worked as the deans of the faculty. At present, the faculty is headed by the Candidate of Technical Sciences Uzakov Torebek Djumabaevich.
The faculty pays great attention to the search for extra-budgetary funds. For this purpose, in 2017, a permit (License) was obtained for the creation of design and estimate documentation for objects and complexes for housing construction, including the design of their engineering networks and systems. Members of the “Project Group” of KSU, organized at the faculty, completed an average of 70-80 million business contracts per year, nowadays, more than 300 million business contracts have been completed, design estimates have been created and introduced into production.
In order to expand the provision of educational services and create conveniences for students in 2021, the KSU center “Avto-oqiw orayi” was organized, providing categories “B” and “BC”, where 2-3 groups study a month, and extra-budgetary income is 50-70 million soums.
Departments of the Faculty:
  1. Construction of Buildings and Structures
  2. Construction of Engineering Communications
Education system
Directions of bachelor’s degree:
  1. 5340200 – Construction of Buildings and Structures (industrial and civil buildings);
  2. 5340400 – Construction of Engineering Communications and Installation;
  3. 5340500 – Production of Building Materials, Products and Structures;
Master’s specialties:
  1. 70730301 – Construction of Buildings and Structures;
  2. 70730401 – Engineering communication systems, construction and installation;
  3. 70730701 – Production of Building Materials, Products and Structures;
Joint educational program: KSU and MRU MSCU
Directions of bachelor’s degree (2 + 2):
  1. 5340500 – Production of Building Materials, Products and Structures;
  2. 5340400 – Construction of Engineering Communications and Installation;
Master’s specialties (1 + 1):
  1. 5A340501 – Production of Building Materials, Products and Structures;
  2. 5А340401 – Water Supply, Sewerage, Protection and Rational use of Water Resources.
Teaching staff:
Scientific and educational activities at the departments of the faculty are carried out by 40 teachers and 8 part-time workers, including 10 Candidates of Sciences, Doctors of Philosophy in Technical fields and Associate Professors: T. Uzakov, N. Saparniyazov, M. Arzuov, G. Utegenova, R. Yeshniyazov, K. Dauletov, A. Allambergenov, A. Pakhratdinov, R. Baymanov and Z. Turlibaev. Five Doctors of Sciences and Professors work on a part-time basis: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professors K. Baimanov,  Kh.Akramov, Kh.Komilov, Z. Kodirova, Doctor of Technical Sciences I. Aimbetov; Associate Professors: B. Rakhmanov, B. Sobirov and A. Djumanazarov. Also, Senior Teachers work on a permanent basis: J.Najimov, R. Pakhratdinova, U. Mamutov, M. Eshmuratov, D. Ospanova, G. Abdiganieva, K. Aitbaev; Assistants: J. Kamalov, N. Sayimbetova, Sh. Tazhibaev, M. Kamalov, A. Pakhratdinov, K. Bektursinova, A. Nauyzbaev, N. Dauletmuratova, K. Bakhiev and A. Seytimbetov; Trainee Teachers: G. Serjanova, A. Aytbaeva, Y. Utemuratova, A. Dauletbaeva, O. Aytjanov, B. Djumabaev, R. Dospanov, O. Janabaev, D. Kayipbergenov, B. Kadirbaev, M. Toreniyazov, S. Kaipov and M. Tanbaev.
 Research activities
To provide high-quality knowledge and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, the entire scientific potential in the field of construction of the Republic of Karakalpakstan is involved.
The faculty and students of the Faculty of Construction, based on the international program TEMPUS uz WATER, have developed a master’s program in environmental protection and sustainable development focused on the management of major water resources and a curriculum in HighVEC highway construction engineering and mechanical engineering. Also, Docent R. Yeshniyazov took part in the EMI project, organized by the British Consulate and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. At present, in the form of the latest achievements in the preparation of scientific potential, we can note that: in 2020, the applicants R. Baymanov, Z. Turlibaev and A. Purkhanatdinov defended their dissertations and received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).
International programs and projects
Head of Construction of the Engineering Communications Department Rustam Eshniyazov currently works as visiting Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Miluokee, USA. Also, as part time professors of the Construction of Engineering Communications Department currently have online and offline classes for our students professor Lars Riden from Uppsala University, Professor Janis Zaloksnis from the University of Latvia (Latvia), Associate Professor Evgeniya Derbasova from Astrakhan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Russia). Since 2019, on the basis of a joint educational program with the Moscow State National Research University of Civil Engineering of the Russian Federation in the areas of undergraduate and graduate programs, educational activities have been established.

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