Construction Faculty


Dean of the Construction Faculty:

Uzaqov Torebek Djumabaevich





  1. Сonstruction of buildings and structures
  2. Building of engineering communications and installing

History of Construction Faculty

The Civil Engineering faculty is one of the largest faculties of Karakalpak state University in terms of the number of students. The development of science and technology in the 90-ies of XX century in the industrialized countries of the world has led to the fact that in the Republic of Karakalpakstan increased the need for highly qualified engineers of construction. As a result, in 1990 on the basis of the Nukus construction College was created Nukus General Technical faculty of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute so that local students the first two courses were able to study in this faculty, and senior courses at the main Institute in Tashkent. Students were accepted to study on specialties: “Industrial and civil Engineering”, “Water Supply, Sewerage, rational use and protection of water resources”, “Energy Supply”. On the foundation of this faculty we should mention the enormous effort and preparatory work of the team of the Nukus building College, and especially its Director, PhD. T. Atamuratov, who at the same time became the first Dean of the faculty. There was only “Department of “General Technical subjects” , (Head of Department – PhD (Mathematics) D.Utebaev) consisting of seven faculty members, including three PhD. Because of the creation of  Tashkent Institute of architecture and construction (TACI) on the basis of three faculties of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute in 1991, Nukus General technical faculty was transferred to the jurisdiction of TASI. As a dean of the faculty was appointed J. Ataniyazov. In 1992, the faculty established a second Department of “Engineering disciplines”, the head of the Department PhD K. I. Baimanov. In 1993, the Nukus branch of TASI was established on the basis of the Nukus General technical faculty, so that students could fully study in Nukus, and not go to the head Institute, as were originally planned. On the establishment of a Nukus Branch of TACI it is necessary to mention affords of the Dean of the faculty PhD. J. Ataniyazov, heads of departments PhD  K. I. Baymanov, PhD Utebaev D., Deputy Dean for academic Affairs R. Eshniyazov.  In 1995, the Nukus Branch of TACI was transferred to the Karakalpak State University and became the “Engineering and Construction Faculty”. At this faculty there were two departments: “Construction”and” Water Supply and Sewerage”. In 2005, as a result of optimization were combined “Physical” and “Engineering and construction” faculties, and became known as “Physics and technics” faculty. Professor K. Ismayilov became the Dean of the faculty. In 2009, the faculty was divided into two faculties, the faculty became known as “Technical”. In 2010, the Technical faculty was joined with the faculty of Chemistry and as a result became known as the faculty of “Chemistry and technics”. The Dean of the faculty was the PhD.M. Ayymbetov. In 2012, this faculty was again divided into two, and since then the faculty is called “Technical”. Since 2 of june, 2019 the faculty was reorganized to Civil Engineering faculty.

During the existence of the faculty were led by Kh. Abdullayev, B. Abdikamalov,  D. Jumamuratov,  M. Tagaev,  K. Dauletov, B. Davletmuratov. Currently the Dean of the faculty is T. Uzakov.

Now the faculty has 894 undergraduate students, pursuing on seven areas of bachelor study. There are three Departments:  “Construction of Buildings and Constructions”, “Architecture and City Planning” and “Building of Engineering Communications”.

Bachelor  degree programs

  1. 5340200 – construction of buildings and structures
  2. 5340400 –Construction and Installation of Engineering Communications
  3. 5340500-Building Materials and Constructions

Teaching staff-31


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