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The department of Uzbek philology at KSU was reorganized in 1994 as part of Karakalpak philology to train specialists in this area. Senior lecturers A. Madaminov and H. Abdullaev taught  students general areas and specialties. In 1995 F. Babadzhonov, in 1996 N. Yangibaev joined the faculty and in the same year the department of “Uzbek philology” was organized. In 1997, Associate Professor F. Salayev and teachers I. Kurbanbaev, Z. Kabulova, in 1998 K. Kadyrov and Z. Baltaev, in 1999 S. Abdullayev and A.Duisenbaev, in 2002 I. Kazakov, M. Kurbaniyazov, M. Atanyazov, in 2006 M. Babadzhonov, in 2008 A. Yusupov, in 2012 H. Tolybaev, N. Klychev, in 2013 A. Idrisov, in 2017 O. Nurjanov, and E. Orazboev, in 2019 O. Yuldashev and M. Allambergenova joined the department.

Uzbek philology department was founded in 1996, on December 21. The first head of the department was docent A.Madaminov. From 2001 docent F.Salaev became the head of the department. In January 2003, Uzbek philology department was divided into two departments: Uzbek literature and Uzbek linguistics. These departments were ruled by F.Salaev and F.Bobojonov.

In September 2005, these two departments were reunited and were refounded as Uzbek philology department and assistant professor F.Bobojonov was appointed the head of the department. From July 2008, the department was run by docent X.Abdullaev, from 2011 it was run by docent F.Bobojonov.

In 2015, Uzbek philology department was divided into Uzbek linguistics and Uzbek language and literature departments.

At present, the Department of Uzbek Linguistics has established relations with a number of basic universities of the country on the training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel. In particular, cooperation with the Institute of Language, Literature and Folklore named after A. Navoi of the Republic of Uzbekistan are showing great results.In 2001-2004 one of the department’s professors Shuhrat Abdullaev did post graduation studies at this institution and could get doctoral degree of philology. Up to these days 2 textbooks, 4 monographs, more than 20 study handbooks and more than 250 scientific articles have been published.

Nowadays, 12 professors teachers work at the department and out of them 4 teachers are candidate of science and docents.

Four of them are scientific candidate and assistant professor.


Ilhom Kazakov Rozmamatovich, doctor and assistant professor of philology subjects. He was born in 1973 in Ellikkala region.

Graduated philology faculty in 1996 at NSPI. Speciality uzbek language and literature, in 2011 he defended candidate dissertation for the theme. “Comperative functional semantic noun formation research in Karakalpak and Uzbek language”. His scientific-methodical works were published more than 20 copies. Including, 1 monography, announced 1 study hand-book. Since 2012 year he works as a assistant professor in Uzbek linguistics department, and since 2016 he works as a head of Uzbek linguistics department.


Madaminov Abdurahmon the candidate of philology, assistant professor. He was born in 1953 in Xojeyli region. He graduated from NSPI, faculty of history-philology, department of uzbek language and literature with privileged degree in 1974. The speciality is the teacher of uzbek language and literature. He defended his candidate thesis on the topic “Complicated word combination in predicative model in current uzbek literal language in 1983. More than 60 scientific methodical works were published. Including, 2 monographies 1 textbook, 2 study handbooks were announced. He is also the leader of Uzbekistan national education. He has been working as an assistant professor in the department of uzbek linguistics since 2007.



Bobojonov Farhod Qurbonbaevich, doctor and assistant professor of philology subjects, trainer of the youth who added his honour to the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

He was born in 1972 in Ellikkala region. Graduated philology faculty in 1995 at NSPI. Specialty uzbek language and literature teacher. In 2002 defended candidate dissertation for the theme “Uzbek jadid drama’s human figures”. His scientific-methodical works were published more than 40 copies. Including, announced 3 study hand-book. In 2003-2008 years, head of the chair, in 2008-2011 dean of faculty, in 2011-2015 head of the chair in Uzbek philology, in 2015-2016 years worked as a head of the chair in Uzbek linguistics department.




Abdullaev Shukhrat Dauletbaevich. K.f.n. Born in 1976 in the Khojeyli district. In 1999, he graduated from KSU named after Berdakh with a degree in philology and a teacher of the Uzbek language and literature. In 2007 he defended his thesis on “Translation of works on phraseological semantics.” Over 20 scientific articles published. From Nyx 1 study guide, since 2009 Associate Professor.

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