History of the Department of construction of engineering communications

In 1990, the Nukus technical faculty was opened as part of the Tashkent Institute of architecture and construction. In the beginning, the Department of General engineering disciplines was created: and then in 1991. It was divided into 2 specialized departments: “Water supply and Sewerage” and “Civil and industrial construction”. Under the guidance of the candidate of technical Sciences of the Department “Цater Supply and Sewerage” K. Baymanov, plans for technical subjects, training programs, calculation and graphic manuals for the implementation of course work were developed. Laboratories and stands were set up for the subjects of engineering Geology and hydrology, hydraulics and geodesy. In the period 1995-2014 from our Department, a doctor of technical Sciences K. Baimanov candidates of economic Sciences (Ataniyazov J.-1991, g.., G. Halmuratova-1996, R. Eshniyazov-1991), 6 candidates of technical Sciences (-2000 Isakulov B. G. G., Aknazarov O.-2002, Abdullaev H.-2005, Jumamuratov D.-2009, T. Uzakov-2010 G. I. Isamutdinov-2012) and one candidate of pedagogical Sciences (M. Pirimicarb 2009) have successfully defended their dissertation. Scientific and practical seminars (1993, 1994, 1998) and 2 scientific and theoretical conferences (2011, 2012) were held on the national scale by professors-teachers. As a result of years of scientific research of the professors of the Department were developed and implemented: development of the construction of the Aral region; indications of features of structure and operation; methods of hydraulic calculation legkomyslennyh channels; ideas for modes of obtaining platinum with channels of water; readings on modes of the Takhiatash hydrosystem and exploitation of filtered water; calibration of water measuring structures built on the water supply system of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the structure of water measuring structures in small-scale farming channels; ideas for increasing the useful coefficients of channels of spillway networks. In 2014 The Department was again renamed “Construction of engineering communications” and currently it cooperates with the Tashkent Institute of architecture and construction. Tashkent irrigation and melioration Institute. Tashkent Institute of road development, their structure and application, Samarkand state architectural and construction Institute, Tashkent technical University, Kazakhstan Aktobe Institute “Doone”, Moscow engineering and construction Institute and the Nukus branch of the Fund for saving the Aral sea. For many years, it has become a tradition that specialists of industrial enterprises known in the Republic, such as doctor of technical Sciences Koshekov, Ph. D. Assoc. B. Salimova, Ph. D. A. Gadoev, Ph. D. O. Aknazarov, Ph. D. A. Zhumanazarova, Ph. D. I. Asamatdinov and others are invited to corporatives of joint activity, give lectures on specialized subjects, lead theses and practices. In the Department was curried out two international TEMPUS projects  UZWATER and HighVEC . Besides recently was curried out also ERUSMUS+ project GREB. Educational and literary manuals and laboratory equipment were brought. In the last 5 years, more than 10 international and more than 50 national scientific articles have been published by professors-teachers on the issue of “Construction and operation of engineering communications structures on the territory of Karakalpakstan”. Nowadays associate professor Rustam Eshniyazov is the head of department.



Eshniyazov Rustam Naurizbaevich, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor. Since June 2019 he is the head of the Department “Construction of Engineering Communications”. His dissertation on the topic “Functioning of the Construction Complex of the Karakalpakstan in Transition to Market” he defended at the Institute of Economics of Uzbek Academy of Sciences in March of 1998. In December 2008, he was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor of the Higher Attestation Commitiee of Uzbekistan for his fruitful teaching activities in the field of training highly qualified personnel. Eshniyazov Rustam Naurizbaevich is the author of more than sixty scientific articles and theses, has published 5 textbooks, including abroad. He participated in several scientific and educational projects, including coordination of two international projects. Two laboratories were created at the department under his guidance. He taught classes and had master classes in foreign higher educational institutions. Twice he worked as a visiting teacher in foreign Universities.


Arzuov Maulenbergen Kosbergenovich, PhD(technics), Associate Professor. He was born in 1960 in Kegeyli district. In 1982, he graduated from the Nukus State University. Specialty mechanical engineer. In 1992, he defended his PhD thesis on “Improving the technology of cleaning agricultural machinery in technical service”. Under his authorship, more than 60 scientific and methodological works have been published. Of these, 1 author’s certificate, 6 teaching AIDS. Since 2014 – associate Professor of the Department.

Also at the Department there are senior Lecturers A. Toreyev, D. Ospanova, assistant teachers G. Abdiganieva, K. Bahiev, N. Dayletmuratova, R. Baymanov, A. Seytimbetov, Z. Turlybaev, K. Aitbayev, and trainee teacher D. Kayypbergenov.


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