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Information Resource Centre | Karakalpak state university

Information Resource Centre




Director of information resource center:

   a.t  Kalmurzaeva Rawshan Allamuratovna


The information-resource centre in KSU named after Berdakh was created on the basis of library of Teacher’s institute (1934)  which had about 3000 copies of books, and two employees, and NSU libraries of  (1976) where there were 240000 copies of books 24employees.

According to the resolution  of the President of Republic Uzbekistan №381 of June, 20th, 2006 «On  the organisation of information-library maintenance of the population of the Republic», standard documents have been developed, and library KSU has been reorganized  to the centre of  information  resources № 1-2.

The information-resource centre consists of 6 departments.

Department of a scientific methodology.

Department of reception of  literature, gathering and  catalogue.

Department of marketing and information service.

Department of the literature and electronic information resources.

Department of keeping  books.

Department of information technology.

In the centre there are 10 reading rooms intended for 650 readers: students, magistrants, doctors, and  professorial  teaching staff who need necessary literature.

552252 copies of the literature are  kept in the information-resource centre: 361591 educational grants and textbooks, 98563 copies of  scientific literature, about 40607 copies of  foreign literature and 50743 copies of other literature.

Daily the library fund is replenished with new books, newspapers and magazines.

Now in the information-resource centre there is an electronic fund which meets information needs and interests of students. For acquaintance professorial  teaching staff and students  with new books exhibitions of books, presentations of books, bibliographic data, seminars, scientific conferences are held, etc.

67550 copies of electronic resources,  e-lectures  made by teachers  are brought for storage , electronic reading hall for storage,  electronic versions of lecture texts are recorded  on CD disks .

Monthly textbooks and methodical grants, the texts of lectures prepared by the professorial  teaching staff of university are placed in an information network «ZiyoNet» .  The employees of the library Naurizbaeva , Mambetnazarova Т, G.Abdreimova, G.Matakova, Khalmurzaeva P, E.Turganov, D.Esengeldiev, A.Aluchievlard make a big  contribution to the  library enrichment, and Khalmurzaeva  at high educational instiutions  and secondary specialized educational institutions, hold  seminars-trainings at the resource centre,  give  methodical and practical help.

The information-resource centre is provided by 61 computers, the printers, copying devices, the video recorder, the musical centre and TVs which are connected to an Internet network.

Staff of employees of information-resource centre:

Total amount of employees -58

With higher education-30

Specialists of higher  categories-9

With secondary education-28

With secondary specialized education-23

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