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Karakalpak Philology and Journalism Faculty



Dean Karakalpak Philology and Journalism Faculty:

Turdibaev Konakbai Keulimjaevich




  1. Karakalpak linguistics
  2. History of Karakalpak literature and folklore
  3. Journalism

The faculty of the Karakalpak philology takes a special place at the university. The faculty is a basic educational institution of professional training in majors of   Karakalpak, Kazakh and Turkmen philology. In addition, trains specialists in journalism.

At faculty training is conducted in three languages (Karakalpak, Kazakh, Turkmen). The fact that three Turkic languages are united in one place, says that language and the literature of these people are closely related to each other.

The faculty of  Karakalpak philology was originally  formed in 1935 on the basis of Teacher’s training institute.

After reorganisation as a university it was  supervised by professor Ahmetov .S(1976-1982), professor  Berdimuratov E (1982-1984), professor  Mambetov K (1984-1986), academician  Dauletov A (1986-1996), professor  Orazimbetov K (1996-2008), and  since 2008 up to this day by  Turdybaev K Cand.Phil.Sci. Associate professor.

Untill 1976 the faculty had been called “history and philology”, it included the department of the Karakalpak language and  literature. Since 1976 the philology faculty was formed, which trained specialities in Karakalpak, Uzbek and Kazakh philology. In 1983-1984 enrolment of students in majors of  journalism was made, till 1989 the enrollment was stopped, and since then the  enrolment of students on this major was reorganized. In 1992  the department of journalism and a major in  Turkmen philology were opened at the faculty.  In 1999-2000 a major of  journalism began to function as independent department. Since 2005-2006 the faculty was reorganised as  «Karakalpak philology». Since 2008-2009  the department of linguistics, history of the Karakalpak literature and folklore, the theory of the literature and a teaching methodology, journalism functioned at the faculty whereas  in 2009- 2010 academic  year department  of Turkic philology joined the faculty.  This department trains specialities in  Kazakh and Turkmen philology.

The general scientific potential of the faculty makes up 52 %.

The faculty includes  Specialized council on protection of Doctor’s thesis in major of the  Karakalpak language and  Karakalpak literature – 10. 00. 04

Educational system:

Bachelor majors:

  1. 5120100 – Philology and  language teaching  (Karakalpak philology)
  2. 5120100 – Philology  language teaching  (Kazakh philology)
  3. 5120100 – Philology  language teaching (Turkmen philology)
  4. 5220100 – Journalism ( in kinds of speciality)

Magistracy majors

  1. 5A120101 – Literary criticism ( Karakalpak literature)
  2. 5A120102 – Linguistics (the Karakalpak language)
  3. 5A220100 – Journalism ( in kinds of speciality)

Teachers staff-56

Academicians – 2.

Doctors of sciences – 6.

Candidates of science – 23.

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