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Dean Law Faculty:

Kutibaeva Elizaveta Duysenbaevna

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  1. Jurisprudence
  2. National Idea, Fundamentals of Spirituality and Legal Education

Faculty History

In the 1977-1978 academic year, a department of law was opened as part of the historical and geographical faculty. In the same year, 50 students were accepted. The leading legal scholars and practitioners conducted the teaching activities: candidates of legal sciences A.Dauletov, N.Abdullaev, U.Nurmashov, Sh.Khalikov, M.Khakimov, as well as I.Nuratdinov, K.Umarova, R.Aitmuratova, E.Kutybaevа, J.Niyazova, B.Matmuratov, G.Yuldasheva.

  • In 1993, the Faculty of Law was established.
  • In 1996, the Faculty of Law was merged with the Faculty of History and the Faculty of Law and History was formed.
  • In the 1999-2000 academic year, magistracy was opened in the speciality Civil Law; family law; civil procedure; private international law.
  • In 2003, the Faculty of Law was re-formed, which included 4 departments: state law and administration; civil law; criminal law, process and criminalistics; commercial law.

·        In 2011, a faculty of history and law was established on the basis of law and history faculties. ·        In 2014, a doctoral program was opened in the specialities of the Department of Law ·        In 2019, the Faculty of Law was re-formed. From 1977 to 2019 Deans of the faculty were K.Sarybaev, B.Shamambetov, M.Torebekov, B.Matmuratov, Zh.Khakimniyazov, E.Kutybaeva, A.Allamuratov, F.Kutlymuratov. Since 2019, the dean of the faculty is the Honored Scientist of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, a member of the Committee or Constitutional Supervision of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Doctor of Law, Professor E.Kutybaeva. Departments of the faculty: 1.    Department of Law;2.    Department of national idea, the foundations of spirituality and legal education.
Education system: Directions for undergraduate studies:
1. 5240100 – Jurisprudence (by type of activity)2. 5111600 – National idea, the basics of spirituality and legal education. Specialties of the magistracy:
1. 5A240101 – State law and administration (by filds).
Specialties of doctoral studies:
1. 12.00.01 – Theory and history of state and law. History of legal doctrines.
2. 12.00.02 – Constitutional law. Administrative law. Financial and customs law.
3. 12.00.03 – Civil law. Business law. Family law. Private international law.
4. 12.00.06 – The law of natural resources. Agricultural law. Environmental law. 5. 12.00.08 – Criminal law. Crime prevention. Criminology. Criminal Executive Law.
Teaching staff

Research and teaching activities at the departments are conducted by 28 teachers, including 3 doctors of law, professor E.Kutybaeva, K.Umarova, Z.Reimova; 7 candidates of sciences – Associate Professor K.Seitnazarov, S.Utemuratova, Sh.Shamshetov, I.Matchanov, A.Bayryeva, J.Sagyndykov. Also prominent scientists and practitioners were involved on a part-time basis: Chairman of the Senate Committee of Oliy Majlis Associate Professor B.Matmuratov, head of the legal service of the Zhokargi Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, doctor of legal sciences R.Matkurbanov, candidates of legal sciences B.Daumenov, A.Gulimov, F.Kutlymuratov, doctor of philosophy (PhD) S.Yerniyazova and others.
Research activities To ensure high-quality education and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, the entire scientific potential of the Republic of Karakalpakstan in the field of jurisprudence has been attracted.Scientific research is conducted on such important branches of legal science as the theory and history of state and law, constitutional, administrative, environmental, civil, criminal, business, criminal procedure law, etc.Among the latest achievements in the field of training scientific and pedagogical personnel is the successful defense in 2019 of dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by doctoral students of the Department of Law A.Imatov and A.Zhumanov, as well as the applicant of the department S.Yerniyazova.The training of highly qualified personnel at the faculty is carried out through doctoral studies. Today, 4 teachers of the Department of Law are trained in doctoral studies. International programs and projects Professor of the Department of Jurisprudence K.Umarova won a grant under the TEMPUS program and created the Tuning Center on the basis of the faculty. The main goal of this center and the project is to improve the quality of education in higher education institutions of Central Asia.Under the guidance of Professor E.D.Kutybaeva, on the basis of the fundamental scientific project “Problems of expanding the function of self-government in the public control system (for example, the Republic of Karakalpakstan), research is underway to expand the powers of self-government in the public control system.The faculty is well organized work with gifted students. There is a student scientific society, within the framework of which research is carried out, scientific circles function in all departments. Each year, scientific and theoretical conferences of young scientists, masters and gifted students are held. We can proudly note that the 2nd year student Khabibullaeva Dilfuza in February 2019 won the scholarship of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, and the 1st year student Halmenova Mehribanu won the 1st place in the competition of works of students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in June 2019 on the topic: “Why do I love Uzbekistan”, organized by the Youth Union of Uzbekistan.There is a Legal Clinic at the faculty, the purpose of which is to provide legal and physical persons with free advice on legal issues. The clinic’s work is organized in the form of reception of citizens by teachers and students of the faculty. Work in the clinic allows students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

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