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Biology Faculty | Karakalpak state university

Biology Faculty


Ametov Yakub Idrisovich

The dean of the Faculty of Biology,

Doctor of biological sciences, professor

+99861-223-58-62, +998934877860



History of  the faculty of Biology

The faculty was organized in 1943 being a part of pedagogical Institute as a branch «Natural sciences and geography», and in 1948 it was organized as a separate faculty. In 1976 in connection with opening of Nukus state university it was organized into faculty of «Biology Chemistry».

In 1989 the given faculty was divided into two faculties “Biology” and “Chemistry”. In 1997-2011 it began to function as Natural sciences faculty, in 2011-2015 – «Natural sciences and geography», and in 2015-2019 – Natural sciences. In 2019 the given faculty was divided into two faculties “Biology” and «Geography and natural resources».

A.Buleshov was the first dean of faculty. The faculty was headed by prof. S.Erejepov in 1960-1965, A.Tleubergenov in 1967-1968, doc.K.Aytbaev in 1968-1986, K.Uteniyazov in 1986-1987 , prof. B.Allamuratov in 1988-1994, doc. P.Xalmuratov in 1994-2001, doc. G.Xodjaeva in 2001-2005, doc. R.Tlegenov in 2005-2006, M.Aymbetov in 2006-2007, doc. A.K.Uteniyazov in 2007-2008, doc. B.S.Gaipov in 2008-2011, 2013 doc. M.Jumanov in 2011-2013,doc. A.T.Esimbetov in 2013-2018. Since 2019 as the dean of faculty works Doctor of biological science, professor  Yakub Ametov.



For today as a part of faculty chairs «The general biology and physiology», «Ecology and soil science», «Agroecology and introduction of medical herbs» are functioning now.

Specialists are trained at the faculty in direction of 60510100-Biology, 60710400-Ecology and preservation of the environment, 60530700-Soil science, 60812100-Technology of harvesting and processing of medicinal plants. Besides, in Magistracy department  prepare masters on a specialty 70510101 – Biology (on science branches), 70710402 – Ecology (on branches and directions), 70530701- Soil science (on science branches) and «70812101 – Technology of harvesting of medicinal plants».

The faculty prepares young scientists for basic doctoral and doctoral studies in the specialties 03.00.06 – Zoology, 03.00.08 – Human and animal physiology, 03.00.10 – Ecology.

Nowadays for training of young specialists an academic staff of teachers conduct their lessons among them academician B.Mambetnazarov, the professor and the doctor of sciences: G.Asenov, A.Matchanov, Ya.Ametov and T.Juginisov, also philosophy of sciences and senior lecturers P.Khalmuratov, Q. Kosnazarov, A.Saitova, R.Koshanova, S.Seytnazarov, A.Kurbanova etc.

At Biology faculty work 71 professors – teachers, among them 1 academician, 4 doctors of sciences, 27 philosophy of sciences and PhD, 39 assistants and trainee teachers. The general scientific potential accounts for 45%. In 2021-2022 at faculty 1358 students are trained.

Department of faculty:

  1. General biology and physiology

  2. Chair Ecology and soil sciences

  3. Agroecology and introduction of medicinal plants


Direction of bachelor:

60510100 – Biology

60710400 – Ecology and environmental protection

60530700 – Soil science

60812100 – Technology of harvesting and processing of medicinal plants


Master’s degree programs:

70510101 – Biology (for branches of science)

70710402 – Ecology (according to branches and areas)

70530701 – Soil science (on science branches)

70812101 – Technology of harvesting of medicinal plants


Basic  doctorate and doctoral studies

03.00.06 – Zoology

03.00.08 – Human and animal physiology

03.00.10 – Ecology


Teaching staff: 71

Academician: 1

DSc: 4

PhD: 27

Scientific potential: 45%




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