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Admission of law | Karakalpak state university

Admission of law

Dear applicants! You have successfully passed the tests for the test procedure, the test of your duties and responsibilities, and to know the rights and tests are required to comply with the order.

Admission tests are held in the building within hours of 8.00 to 8.30 to the auditorium only at 8 .00 with the permission of the applicant’s passport. After the text begins no one will be allowed to enter the auditorium (8.30)

8.30 to 9.00 applicants are performed with the rule of filling in answers and numbers correctly and write about themselves on the special place.. This is not a measure of the time allocated for the test of time.

No one can enter the auditorium after beginning of the test, and with the applicants on the instructions of the test questions and answers.

Applicant answer sheet with a number of questions and correspondence to one of a number of the questions the book on the book of the tests check for any typographical errors or other defects. If there is a problem in the test questions, immediately reported it to the head of the audience.

.After answer sheet is given applicant copy out the permission and number of answer sheet to the cover sheet.

After that, applicant copy out the special code in cover sheet to answer sheet reads and color the special circle.

(«A», «Б», «C», «Д») Applicant write information about himself on the 1 block of answer sheets and on the book of questions and put the signature.

Every aspect in questions book includes 36 tasks . “Mathematics (Computer Science)” test questions on the subject of “Mathematics” 30 questions on the subject, “Information and communication technologies” consists of 6 questions on the subject.

Entrant in the test tasks defined by the following standards:

72 Questions – 2 hours;

108 Questions – 3 hours.

There will be given 4 answer variants («А», «Б», «C», «Д») for each question and applicant can color only one answer on questions book then on the answer sheet.

Only one answer must be established for every questions of the test. If the answers are not certified to comply with the rules of the sample selection, including a single answer sheet painted in the appropriate field, or two or more tablets marked or marked response to these points.

The completed answer sheet considers as the main document which determining the level of knowledge of applicant.

Answer sheet is filled with the color of ball pen by the applicant.

Applicants is personally responsible for the proper completion of claimants of answer sheet

Applicants who marked the ballots incorrectly their claims can ‘t be considered.

In addition to normalization of the time set for the test answer sheet to fill the 20 minutes allocated.

Applicant by mobile phones and other means of communication and the use are strictly prohibited.

If applicants tries to bring dictionary, tables, books, mobile phones, computers, telecommunications dictionary, cribs or other materials on entering the building where test is held ,while the test applicants tries to transfer or notify the applicant in violation of the order of tests and the representative of the State testing Center established by the act, it is removed from the testing process.

Note: The Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 205 of July 11, 2012, in accordance with Annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, approved by Decree No. 393 of June 20, 2017 “Regulations on the procedure to take undergraduate courses at higher education institutions” to change the wording above.

Applicants pay attention! In the past, testing of applicants entering the building dictionary, tables, books, mobile phones, computers, telecommunications facilities, and the availability of cribs has been identified, and these vehicles were confiscated and they enter the building. Since 2012, testing of applicants entering the building calculator dictionary, tables, books, mobile phones, computers, telecommunications and determines the availability of cribs, they created a certificate to enter the building and removed from the testing process.

The Book of Questions by the applicant during the test page torn from detection tests violation of the rules of the transfer and testing is dismissed.

The tests did not applicants for additional testing.

At the time of testing applicants are prohibited to go out and applicants who goes out will not allowed to enter the class, with the deterioration of health and other similar cases, the test materials floor, except for cases under the supervision of a representative of the classes.

After managers announce about the time to complete the test by the end of the book of questions and answers for the painting of the list respectively beginning of the twenty-minute time to work with the questions, the applicant, in accordance with the answer sheets, the book questions ballots start painting, and more time out is announced interrupt answer sheet to work with.

Applicant test questions or objections on the testing process, test materials filed, the Commission adopted the same day, the State Testing Center of the State Testing Center through the representative of the educational institution or the building with the application.

The tests did not applicants for additional testing.

Applicant tests in educational institutions and language recording (Cyrillic and Latin) are placed.

Higher education institutions with undergraduate and masters in order to receive the Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 393 of June 20, 2017, can be approved with the following provision: higher education institutions in the Regulations on the procedure for adoption of the undergraduate and master

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