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Physical Faculty


Dean physics faculty:

Muratov Abat Seidullaevich




  1. Chair of Electric Power Engineering

  2. The physics

  3. Physics semiconductos

  4. History of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Metrology

In 1976, when the Berdakh Karakalpak State University was opened, two faculties were formed on the basis of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Pedagogical Institute: physics and mathematics faculties. The Dean of the Faculty of Physics was appointed candidate of technical sciences. B.Orimbetov. Associate professor B.Orimbetov successfully worked in this position until 1986.

Deans of the Faculty of Physics in 1986-1989 worked as Professor B.A. Abdikamalov, in 1989-1993 associate professor M.I. Arzuov, in 1993-1997 M.A. Kahn. In September 1998, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics were combined into the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, which until 2003 was headed by Associate Professor B.B. Prenov.

On the basis of this faculty in May 2003, the physics and mathematics faculties were reopened. Professor B.A. Abdikamalov was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Physics.

In August 2005, as a result of the combination of the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Engineering Construction, the Faculty of Physics and Technology was formed, the dean of which was appointed Doctor of Physics and Mathematics K.A. Ismailov.

In November 2009, as a result of an increase in specialists and student body, the Faculty of Physics received its new birth, which until 2011 was headed by Professor K.A. Ismailov.

In August 2011, as a result of the transition to a new structural level, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was opened on the basis of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, which was led by Associate Professor B.P. Otemuratov, and since August 2018, associate professor M.U. Nasirov.

Due to the significant increase in student enrollment since June 2019, the faculty is divided into two faculties: physics and mathematics faculties. Until February 2020, the Department of Physics was headed by Associate Professor M.U. Nasirov.

Since March 2020, the Faculty of Physics has been headed by Associate Professor A.S. Muratov.

In the Physics Faculty, specialists are prepared for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in a following way:

  1. 5440100- Physics

  2. 5310100- Energetics (thermal energy)

  3. 5310200- Electrical power engineering (energy produce and insulate)

  4. 5310700- Electrical engineering, Electro mechanics, and Electro technology (mechanical engineering)

  5. 5310900- Metrology (standardize and production quality, industry)

The specialties of Master’s Degree

  1. 5A140204- Condensed environments physics and materialization (by species)

International scientific-technical cooperation

  1. Research Institute of Physics of Semiconductors named after B.E. Lashkarev.

  2. Sumi State University (Ukraine)

International Programs and Projects

  1. Features of laser induced non-linear defect formation process in semiconductors.

  • Quantity of professor-teachers: 49

  • Doctors of Science: 3

  • Candidates of Science: 12

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