Turkmen language and literature chair’s history


Turkmen language and literature’s education  was organized at the University in 1992 at the faculty of  Karakalpak philology. Later in 2006, due to the combining of Kazakh and Turkmen philology the department became independent.

When the chair was formed there worked such personnel as assistant professor, doctor of philology sciences A.Shakhiyev, doctor of philology sciences G.Bazarov, assistant-teachers G.Ashirov, A.Kadirov, A.Sarikov, AArazov, D.Ashirov, M.Khanmatov.

Till 2015 the department was named as the Turkish languages department but beginning from June 2015 the department was named as “Philology (Kazakh, Turkmen languages)”. (Order №213/1, 19.06)

From June 19th of2019 the department was again reorganized as “Turkmen language and literature” department. The head of the department is an docent, doctor of philology sciences O.Gayliyeva. At the present time 2 personnel who have scientific degree teach students in the department. They are: associate professor, doctor of philology sciences T.Keruenov and associate professor, doctor of philology sciences O.Gaylieva. Besides that, in the department work such assistant-teachers as Avezklicheva, Kurtchaev, Jepbarova and trainee teachers as Chariev, Khanmatov, Alabaeva.

The department conducts research in the field of “Turkmen language and literature in Karakalpakstan”, in particular, Turkmen, Uzbek and Karakalpak literary relations. On October 28, 2016, T. Keruenov defended his doctoral dissertation on “The use of myths and legends in the Karakalpak poetry of the XIX century.” In 2019, T. Keruenov received the title of associate professor.

On June 28, 2019 the head of the department O.Gaylieva defended her doctoral dissertation on “Formal research in the lyrics of the Turkic peoples of the independence period and their typology.”

In addition to conducting research, professor teachers of the department carry out a number of activities to improve students’ interest in science on the basis of the activity “Teacher-Apprentice”. Professor teachers of the department with their scientific articles and thesis participate in national and international scientific-theoretical conferences.

At the present time there are 162 students, 85 of them are from foreign countries i.e. from the Republic of Turkmenistan. They are studying on the basis of the contract. Besides studying, students actively participate in cultural actions and competitions.

In the 2019-2020 academic years, a master’s degree education of 5A120102 – Linguistics (Turkmen) was established. In the current academic year, 4 master’s students were admitted. Currently, they are conducting research on their master’s dissertations. At present, the department has cooperation agreements on innovative developments. A cooperation agreement was signed with the secondary school No. 20 of Takhiatash district on the practice of school learners. Professor teachers of the department carry out educational and spiritual work with students, educating them in the spirit of patriotism, perfection, as well as under the motto “Our power is in unity and harmony!” they are actively involved in the promotion of interethnic harmony among young people. In addition, professor teachers have taken practical steps to increase students’ interest in physical culture and sports, to promote a healthy lifestyle and a sense of responsibility for their own health.



Gaylieva Ogulbay Qurbanmuradovna doctor of science, docent. She was born on the 26th of October in 1977 in Khodjeyli. She graduated from the Karakalpak state university on the specialty The Turkmen language and literature. In 2002 she graduated from the magistrate department on the specialty The Karakalpak literature. In 2006 she defended her Ph.D. thesis on “Genre and Formality of Intermediate Forms in the Contemporary Karakalpak Poetry (Free and Pervert Songs of 1970-2000)”. He published more than 30 scientific articles and theses, and 4 manuals.


Kerwenov Turganbay Arazmedovich doctor of science, docent. He was born on the 18th of June, in 1979 in Shomanay district. In 2003 he graduated from the magistrates department on the specialty Karakalpak literature. In 2016, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the theme “The use of myths in the Karakalpak poetry of the 19th century.” He published more than 30 scientific articles and theses, 1 monograph, 2 educational and methodical manuals.

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