Meeting devoted to the holiday

The teachers and professors of the Interfaculty chair of Foreign Languages  and the  2 course textile students of Chemical technology faculty  held a meeting with participation of international warriors of Afghanistan war.

On the 7 the of  May , on occasion of  Memory and Honour Day of Uzbekistan, the teachers and professors of the interfaculty  chair of Foreign Languages with  the students of Chemical technology faculty held a meeting  devoted to this Day. The International warriors of Afghanistan war:  Jumabai Kunnazarov, Jumagaliy Sultanov , Abat Sedaliev, Zinatdin  Sagindikov told the students  about  past experiences  and their feats  during the war .The students were very impressed by their heroism, asked a lot of  questions to the participants. The meeting was followed by festive performance  in which students entertained the guests  by playing the dutar and other musical instruments, reciting poems about the war and dancing. The participants of the meeting were presented with gifts.

 Afterwards,  the guests expressed their gratitude and best wishes to all the students, teachers ‘staff  and also the university administration for organizing this occasion.


Head of the Interfaculty chair of Foreign Languages.