Scientific Department

Full name:

Nizamatdinov Kayrat Keunimjaevich


Nukus city, Ch.Abdirov street №1




The main objectives of the department:


  • Organize the activities of the University scientific-research and scientific-pedagogical cadres training;
  • Develops and implements the plan for scientific-research and scientific-pedagogical cadres training of the University;
  • Coordination of faculties and departments activity on scientific-research and scientific-pedagogical cadres training;
  • Develops cooperation agreements with the University and the republican production enterprises, organizations and institutions, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, scientific-research institutes, centers, as well as leading Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of scientific-research and scientific-pedagogical activity and controls their implementation;
  • Provides methodological assistance and guidance in the organization and conduction of university scientific conferences;
  • Prepares and presents plans, reports, normative documents of doctoral candidates and independent researchers, organizes and carries out their attestation.


Structure of the Scientific Department staff:

  1. Head of the department: candidate of law, docent Nizamatdinov Kayrat Keunimjaevich
  2. Scientific-research engineer: Мuratova Kamshat Shagimuratovna;
  3. Scientific-research engineer: Qoyshibaev Amangeldi Sadiq uli;

Scientific-research engineer: Uzaqbaev Qoblan Keulimjay uli.

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