Industry and technology Faculty


Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology:

Kurbaniyazov Rashid Kalbaevich

+99893 520 42 07


  1. Chair technology of refining and oil-gas
  2. Department of Industrial Technology

History of faculty

The faculty was established in 1943 as a part of the Teachers’ Institute in the Department of Natural Science and Geography. Then in 1948 it was turned into a faculty. In 1976, with the opening of Nukus State University, it was reorganized into the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology. In 1991, the faculty of “Chemistry” was opened. Dean of the faculty in 1991-1995 Associate Professor J. Kurbanov, in 1995-2000 PhD., K.Ibragimov, in 2000 associate professor, M.Allaniyazova, in 2000-2005 associate Professor, B.Bektursinov, 2005-2006 Ass.Prof., R.Tilegenov, in 2006-2011 Associate Professor, M.Aymbetov, in 2011-2012, Associate Professor B.Nurimbetov, in 2013-2014, Associate Professor, A.Pirniyazov, in 2014-2017, Associate Professor, D.Tureniyazova, in 2017-2018, Associate Professor, R.Kurbaniyazov, since 2018 Associate Professor, B.Nurimbetov works.

Since June 2019 the faculty of “Industrial Technology” was established on the basis of the Faculty of “Chemistry and Technology”.

The faculty has three specialties in the field of bachelor education:

5320900 – «Design and technology of light industry products»

5321300 – «Oil and gas processing technology»

5320300 – «Technological machines and equipment» specialists are being trained according to these specialties.

There are 2 departments in their preparation:

There are: “Industrial Technology” and “Technology of Oil and Gas”.

Educational direction “Technology and construction of light industry products” was opened in 1999; the educational direction “Technology of oil and gas processing” was opened in 2008, the educational direction “Technological machines and equipment” was opened in 2017.

Departments of the faculty are in direct contact with major industrial enterprises, scientific research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and universities. In particular, students of educational directions “Oil and Gas processing Technology” educational sphere are leading in the field of “Bukhara oil processing”, “Uz-Kor Gas Chemical”, “Chortan Gas Chemical Complex”, “Mubarak Gas Processing Company”, “Nukus polymer”, “Design and technology of light industry products” LLC “Nukustekstil”, “Eltex” LLC, “Turtkul luck textile” LLC, “Elite stars textile” LLC, “Khalkabad wool” LLC and in Tashkent Textile and institutes of light industry, “Technological machines and equipment” direction’s students are at practice at Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine state-owned enterprise Takhiatash rigid structures and non-standard equipment production plant, Navoiazot, Nukus polymer and Kungrad Soda Plant, and graduates are being recruited at these manufacturing facilities.

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