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Industry and technology Faculty | Karakalpak state university

Industry and technology Faculty


Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology:

Kurbaniyazov Rashid Kalbaevich

+99893 520 42 07


  1. Chair technology of refining and oil-gas
  2. Department of Industrial Technology

History of faculty

In 1943, the faculty was reorganized into the Department of Natural Sciences and Geography as part of the Teachers’ Institute.

Then in 1948 it was turned into a faculty. In 1976, in connection with the establishment of the Nukus State University, this faculty was reorganized into the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology. In 1991, the Faculty of Chemistry was established.

     In 1991-1995 he was a dean of the faculty. J.Kurbanov, 1995-2000 docent. K.Ibragimov, in 2000 docent. M.Allaniyazova, docent in 2000-2005. B.Bektursynov, docent in 2005-2006. R.Tilegenov, docent in2006-2011. M.Ayymbetov, docent in 2011-2012. B.Nurymbetov, docent in 2013-2014. A.Pirniyazov, docents in 2014-2017. D.Tureniyazova, docent in 2017-2018. R.Qurbaniyazov docent since 2018. The B.Nurymbetovs have been working.

   The new structure of Karakalpak State University, approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan on January 31, in2019, and the Academic Council of the University on June 18, in 2019 The departments of “Oil and Gas Technology” and “Industrial Technology” were reorganized within the faculty.  Since then, R.Kurbaniyazov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, has been working as the Dean of the Faculty.

    Three bachelor’s degree programs at the faculty: 5320900- “Development and technology of construction of light industry products”; 5320300 – Master’s degree:5A321302 – “oil and gas refining and chemical technology”.

      At the same faculty, at the Vitebsk State University of Technology (Belorus) in the field of additional training (2+2 program) 5320900 – In the training program “ Development and technology of lights industry products “was design” are prepared. There are 2 departments in their preparation: “industrial Technology” and “Oil and Gas technology” and “Oil” departments.

      The training course “Development and technology of construction of light industry products “was launched in 1999, the training program “Technology of oil and gas refining” was launched in 2008, and the training program “Technological machines and growth” was launched in 2017.

      The branches of the department are located in the production enterprises of the faculty. UZR IA scientific research institutes under the contract of cooperation, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent Institute of Textile Light Industry, the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology, the Tashkent  State Technical University and other higher education institutions work in close cooperation. Among them are students of  the training program “Oil and Oil Gas Processing  Technology”, “Bukhara Oil Refinery” LLC, “Khalqabad Profession” in Industrial Institutes, students of the training program “Technological machines and growth” State Enterprise “ Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine” Taxiatas non-metallic structures and and non-standard processes processing plant, “Navoiazot”, “Nukus Polymer”  and “Konyrat Soda” both graduate students were sent to work these enterprises.

     The above mentioned training courses are held weekly by the employees of the enterprises, and through the left, the students of the graduate course will have the opportunity to select the most knowledgeable for the job.   


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