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Mathematics Faculty



Dean of faculty Mathematics:

Seipullaev Jumabek Hamidullaevich

Faculty departments:

  1. Department of Functional Analysis, Algebra and Geometry
  2. Department of Mathematical Analysis
  3. Department of Applied Mathematics
  4. Department of Differential Equations
  5. Department of Algorithmization and Programming Technology


History of the Mathematics Department

In 1976, at the opening of the Karakalpak state University named after Berdakh on the basis of the faculty of physics and mathematics of the pedagogical Institute was formed two faculties: physics and mathematics. The Dean of the faculty of mathematics was appointed Professor J. Kutlymuratov.

The Department of Mathematics was headed by Professor J. Kutlymuratov from 1976 to 1985, docent O. Nurzhanov from 1990 to 1993, docent H. Baymuratov from 1993 to 1995, Professor A. Otarov from 1996 to 1997, Professor N. Uteuliev from 1996 to 1997. From April 1997, the head of the faculty was docent B. Prenov. In September 1998, the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Mathematics was reorganized and renamed into the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, docent B.B.Prenov headed this faculty until 2003. On the basis of this faculty the mathematical faculty was reorganized again in May 2003. The Faculty of Mathematics was headed by docent B.Prenov until 2005.

The Faculty of Mathematics was headed by docent M.M. Ibragimov from 2005-2007, docent M.K. Berdimuratov from 2007-2009, docent J.P. Allanazarov from 2009-2011, docent B.P. Otemuratov from August 2011. In August 2011, as a result of the new restructuring of the Physics and Mathematics Department, the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Mathematics was merged and renamed into the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, which was headed by docent B.P. Otemuratov from 2011 to 2018. From 2018 the head of the department was docent M. Nasyrov. Due to the fact that in May 2019 the Faculty was reorganized into a new structure, the Faculty of Mathematics was restructured and headed by docent J. Seipullayev.


The faculty prepares specialists in the following areas of bachelor’s and master’s degrees:

Bachelor’s degrees:

  1. 5130100 – Mathematics
  2. 5130200 -Applied mathematics and informatics
  3. 5111018 – Professional Education: Informatics and Information Technology
  4. 5330100 – Computer Science and Programming Technologies


Master’s degrees:

  1. 5A130101 – Mathematics (in direction)
  2. 5A130202 – Applied mathematics and information technologies
  3. 5A130103 – Differential equation and mathematical physics
  4. 5A130102 – Probability theory and mathematical statistics


International scientific and technical cooperation

  1. Siberian Federal University (Russia)
  2. Novosibirsk State Technical University (Russia)
  3. Kyiv State University (Ukraine)


International programmes and projects

  1. Vector spectral theorem for unlimited operators.
  2. Mathematical issues of numerical solution of non-stationary boundary value problems.

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