Faculty of Foreign Languages



Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages:

Kurbanbaev Djavod Aminovich




  1. The English Language and Literature
  2. Theory and Practice of Translation
  3. The German Language and Literature
  4. The Russian Language and Literature
  5. Interfaculty Department of Foreign Languages

The faculty was first established as Roman-German philology faculty in 1954 and was comprised of German languages specialties and 55 students were taught. Three teachers: J.A.Allamuratov, R.I.Bonk, A.P.Serov started working in a newly established faculty.
In 1956, for the first time foreign languages Department was established where J.A.Allamuratov was both the head of department  and dean.
Among graduates there were famous scientific, cultural, literary and social representatives and interpreters. Hereby, it can also mentioned the Hero of Uzbekistan A.Uteniyazov, professors and senior teachers like N.Urumbaev, A.Djaksibaev, A.Umarov, L.Xvan, V.Najimova, T.Karamatdinova, K.Dauletmuratov, L.Lagazidze, B.khabibullaev, K.Orazbaev, K.Otegenov, X.Daujanov, G.Abdirova, C.Artikova and M. Ganiev.
In 1962 and 1963 academic years, foreign languages began to be taught in other specialists. Before establishing as an University in 1976, PhD J.Allamuratov, A.Kurbanbaev, M.Diment, M. Auezov and P.Bekimbetov started their teaching activity. J.Allamuratov is the 1st candidate of science on Germanic languages among the national trained teachers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. After establishing as a University 16 teachers successfully defended their PhD degrees.
In the Faculty’s history docents such as J.Allamuratov, A.Kurbanbaev, T.Atamuratov, A.Dauletov, P.Kurbanazarov, N.Yuldashov, O.Ibragimov, D.Mamirbaeva, D.Berdimuradov, F.Babajanov, Kh.Abdullaev, N.Khamidov worked as dean of faculty. Since 2015 docent Dj.Kurbanbaev has been working as a dean of the faculty.
In 1995-1996 Russian philology was included into the faculty. In 1937 the specialty of Russian language and literature was founded as a faculty in the Institute of Teachers.  The faculty consisted of the department of general linguistics, Russian and foreign literature, methods and practice of Russian language, and interfaculty department of Russian language.
In November 2005 Russian, English, German and Uzbek philology joined as the faculty of philology.
The Department of Foreign languages was refounded in 2014.
Nowadays there are 5 departments in the faculty:  English language and literature, Deutsch language and literature, Russian language and literature, Theory and practice translation and inter faculty of foreign languages. There are more than 90 teachers in the faculty. There is one professor, 16 candidate of science, 10 senior teachers and 60 assistant-teachers are teaching students. There are prepared specialties Bachelor degree such as: Philology and teaching languages: English language, Philology and teaching languages: German language, Philology and teaching languages: Russian language, English language and literature, Theory and practice of translation, Masters degree of Linguistics of English language, Linguistics of Russian language in the faculty.
Great achievements in the sphere of teaching, scientific, and cultural were gained during the period of Independence. In 2011-2012 academic year it was opened a new specialty of translators in the University. On August 30, 2014 by the 1/8.1 decree of The Ministry of Education opened the department of “The theory and practice of translation”.
In 2012-2013 academic year it was started to teach Korean Language as a second language in our department.
The faculty of foreign languages is working intimately with the educational establishments of other foreign countries.
Until now 9 professors from United States, Great Britain, Germany such as Karl Raych, R.Warren, Kim Kixo, Ch.Smith, Ch. Brayen gave lectures and seminars to the students.
The professors of our department K.Ismaylov, A.Kurbanbaev, O.Ibragimov, L.Xvan, G.Eshimbetova, K.Orazbaev, X.Daujanov, D.Mamirbaeva, A.Tajieva, Dj.Kurbanbaev, Y.Kurbanov, A.Djumamuratov, D.Berdimuratov, A.Mambetniyazova  have been trained their experience  and their qualification in the USA, Russia, England, Germany, Austria, China and Israel.
Educational, moral, cultural and intellectual capabilities of our students are rising year by year. For instance: winner of the program of KOICA organized by the university of Suvon in South Korea A.Kutlimuratova, winner of oratory competition Sh. Sagidullaeva and S.Kamalova, the owners of the scholarships named after A.Navoi and Berdakh M.Jumamuratova, N.Dauletnazarova, G.Ibragimova, B.Almanova, A.Tleumuratov, Sh.Berdanova, Sh.Saymanova, N.Ibragimova, F.Avezova, the winners of DAAD grant program organized by German Federation V.Jalgasova, O.Ataeva, A. Sarsenbaeva,  the champions of Asia and Uzbekistan the participants of world championships M.Berdixanov, G.Amankosova, B.Serdalieva, S.Saparova, Z.Pulatov.
We firmly believe that teachers of the faculty will prepare key specialists that fit to the world standards in the future.

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