Chancellery Department | Karakalpak state university

Chancellery Department

Head of the Department’s Office::

Akimova Svetlana Bazarbaevna

861-2235829 ,

In department of Office of the Karakalpak state university named after Berdakh the head of department, the operator, the clerk, the registrar and the courier conduct the work. The office department conducts the work on the basis of university laws, and includes the list the received correspondence. After the account of letters, modemgramm, faxes, board, Decrees of the President of Republic Uzbekistan the Republics Uzbekistan which have come from Ministerial council, the Ministry of the Higher and Republic Uzbekistan secondary education and as well and the telephone messages received from the Jokargi Kenges of Republic Karakalpakstan and Republic Karakalpakstan Ministerial council are included into program АСКИД and with the registration form are sent to departments.

At the same time keeps account written and oral applies of citizens, sends to their responsible representatives and strictly supervises their performance. The department conducts archival work, i.e. the account of documents in a special order preparing to sending to archive, documents are stored in archives certain term, and also conduct join with the State archive. Provide timely transfer to departments of copies of decrees of the rector of university.

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