Economics Faculty


Dean Economics Faculty:

Jiemuratov Temirbaj Polatbaevich



Faculty chairs

  1. The Finance
  2. Economy
  3. Accounting and audit
  4. Economic theory

History of Economics Faculty

In 1977, the Faculty of Agricultural Economics was established as part of Karakalpak State University; students were accepted in the specialties of Agricultural Mechanization, Agronomy, Agricultural Planning, Accounting. Since 1977, a single department of Agronomy was established in the faculty. It employed 6 teachers. In September 1978, the Department of Agricultural Economics and the Department of Agronomy were formed on the basis of the Department of Agronomy.

The head of the department of agricultural economics was appointed Assoc. S. Tleubergenov. At that time AK worked at the department. Matekeev, T. Sitmuratov, O. Nazarbayev, G. Dzhumagaliyeva, M. Seitnazarov, E. Izbaskanov, O. Berdiyev and others. In 1980, the department of accounting and analysis of the activities of agriculture was separated and opened from the structure of the department of agricultural economics. In this newly created department, A.K. Matekeev. 1992-1994 The dean of the faculty was Dr.Sc. Professor A.K. Matekeev. The faculty has 4 departments.

In 1994, Professor A. Otarov worked as a dean. in 1995, the dean of the faculty worked as an assistant professor. O. Nazarbayev. and the following departments functioned, Department of Economics, Department of Accounting and Audit, Department of Economic Cybernetics and Informatics.

From 2005-2010 The deans of the faculty of economics were Ph.D., Assoc. R. Eshniyazov, Associate Professor B. Gaipov, Ph.D., Associate Professor A. Torebekov, Ph.D., Associate Professor A. Yyatov, Ph.D., Associate Professor S. Bayzhanov, Ph.D. ., Associate Professor G. Utemuratova. In 2011, as a result of the merger of the Faculty of Finance and the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Social Economics was organized. The head of the faculty was appointed Assoc. B. Saylebekov. Currently the faculty is headed by Assoc. T. Zhiemuratov.
Currently, the faculty has 5 departments: finance, economics, accounting and auditing, business management, general economic disciplines.

The faculty closely cooperates with the faculties of economics and finance of the Universities of Uzbekistan, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, as well as with scientific centers.

Up till now, the faculty has made around 30 republic and science-practical conferences in higher educational system. In 2015, international, science-practical conference was taken place named «developing small and alone business’s economical and ecological problems in Aral region». Not only many than our 30 science centres,  ministries and universities, but also foreign scientists from Poland, China, Russia and Kazakhstan participated in it.

Apart from this one, faculty professors worked in science projects (taking note of south of Aral’s ecological condition, making strategy for accelerating economy of north-west Uzbekistan), (in example of low Amudarya river), innovational science projects, work with most industrial factories in cooperative way, help to make cadres with the help of academical lyceums and collages.

In faculty, the work with intelligent  pupils and the work with  people who are good at  sport, culture, science is well developed. Among our students there are 1 Islam Karimov’s grant holder, 5 Nawayi grant holders, 3 «central bank» grant holders, and a few «Kamolat» grant holders, 13 Berdaq grant holders. In sport field, there are some champions of Universiada, Karakalpakstan and Uzbekistan.  In culture field, there are winners of republic contests.

Education system:

Bachelor’s Directions

  1. 5230100 – “Economy”
  2. 5230900 – “Accounting and auditing”
  3. 5230600 – “Finance”
  4. 5230200 – Managment
  5. 5610300 – “Tourism”

Master’s specialties

  1. 5А340102 – Economy
  2. 5A230901 – Accounting

Teaching staff – 52

Doctors of sciences – 2.

Candidates of Sciences – 27.


Science project

Ф-1-77. Elaboration of a regional strategy for the socio-economic development of the South-West of Uzbekistan, taking into account the ecological situation in the northern Aral region (on the example of the economy of the Amudarya region).


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