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Economics Faculty | Karakalpak state university

Economics Faculty


Dean Economics Faculty:

Jiemuratov Temirbaj Polatbaevich



Faculty chairs

  1. The Finance
  2. Economy
  3. Accounting and audit
  4. General economical subjects

The history of the faculty of Economics

The Conception of the Republic of Uzbekistan on developing the system of higher education until 2030 was developed according to the requirements of social and economical branches, to improve the quality of education on the basis of ensuring close integration of education with industry, to organize the scientific and innovational activity and develop international relationship.

The Conception is the basis of defining the strategic aims, directions, duties, short and long term future stages and complex of programs related to the development of high school system.

The faculty of Economics was established in Kararakalpak State University, in 1977, as the Faculty of agricultural economics. The Faculty of agricultural economics trained the staff within the courses of mechanization of agriculture, agronomy, agricultural planning, and accounting.  In 1977 there was only one department of the Faculty, with 6 teachers and in September, 1978 the Departments of “Agricultural Economics” and “Agronomy” were established on the basis of “Agronomy” department.

Sh.Tleubergenov was appointed as the Head of “Agricultural Economics” department. During that period A.K.Matekeev, T.Sitmuratov, O.Nazarbaev, G.Djumagalieva, M.Seytnazarov, E.Izbasqanov, O.Berdiev and others carried out their teaching activities at the Department. In 1980 the Department of “Agricultural Economics” was separated into the departments of “Accounting” and “the Analysis of agriculture service”.  The new Department was headed by A.K.Matekeev. During 1992-1994 there were four departments at the faculty and the Dean of the Faculty was the Doctor of economical sciences, professor A.Matekeev. In 1994 professor A.Otarov held the position of the Dean of the Faculty. In 1995 the Dean of the Economical Faculty was docent O.Nazarbaev, and the departments of “Economics”, “Accounting and audit” and “Economical cybernetics and informatics” conducted their work.  During 2005-2010 the position of the Dean of the Economical Faculty was held by Candidate of economical sciences, docent R.Eshnyazov, the Candidate of agricultural sciences, docent S.Bayjanov, the Candidate of economical sciences, docent G.Utemuratova. In 2011 the faculties of “Managing business” and “Economics” were joined together as Social-Economical Faculty with docent B.Seylbekov in the head. From July 2, 2019 the Faculty was reorganized as the Faculty of Economics. Today, docent T.Jiemuratov runs the Faculty.

Nowadays, there are 4 departments at the Faculty, they are “Economics” (doc.R.Adilchaev), “Finance” (doc.K.Kudiarov), “Accounting and audit” (doc.S.Bayjanov) and “General economic subjects” (prof. G.Utemuratova). 58 teachers work in these departments, three of them are Doctors of Sciences and professors, 24 are the Candidates of Sciences (PhDs), docents. Besides this, two teachers  have the Certificates of “Aptis” given by the British Council and are allowed to teach special subjects in English.

The undergraduate students of the Faculty are taught on courses of Economics, Finance, Accounting and audit, Tourism, Management and Statistics, and the students of the master’s degree program have courses of Economics, Accounting and audit, State finance and international finance, the Struggle against monopoly and dispute development.

At the Faculty there are students from all regions of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, also, from Khorezm, Bukhara, Kashkadarya, Navoi, Samarkand, Surkhandarya, Fergana and Tashkent region.

In connection with the implementation of tasks in the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Measures to further expand the participation of industries and sectors of the economy in improving the training quality of specialists with higher education” from July 27, 2017, comprehensive measures were taken with the participation of the Ministry members and the leaders of organizations. At the meeting the latest news were discussed about raising the quality of education and, developing scientific research and determining upcoming work. Also, employers gave full information about places of work and a trilateral agreement about “Assistance in providing young personnel with job” was signed up.

The meetings of students with the members of appropriate Ministries and the specialists of companies and organizations are held according to the plan and schedule drawn up at the beginning of the school year for the purpose of conducting a comprehensive theoretical educational process and practical training of students. 

Significant work is being carried out at the Faculty to improve the quality of training, to raise the level of scientific knowledge, to strengthen material and technical base, to extend the pedagogical and professional qualification of the teaching staff. The teaching staff improves the qualification in every three years in the Center of teacher-training and professional development ad the Main scientific and methodological center ear Tashkent state Economic University.

The work on international relations is organized at the Faculty. In order to develop relations with foreign countries and exchange the qualifications, the relationships were established with Kuban state University in Russia, Moscow state University of Humanities and Economics, Kalmik state University, the University named after Jubanov of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe University named after Bayshev, Ataturk University in Turkey. Students of the Faculty had lessons held by the professor Fahri Iavuz from Ataturk University, docent Denis Bugaev from Kuban state University, docent, PhD Aygul Ismailova from Kazakhstan national agricultural University, docent Shinibek Bukharbaev Aktobe University named after Bayshev. Also, the qualified teachers of our Faculty have given lectures in foreign universities for getting more practice. Particularly, docent O.Nazarbaev, docent A.Iniatov gave lectures at Aktobe University named after Bayshev, docent R.Adilchaev read his lectures at Kalmik state University in Russia.

The building of the Faculty was re-constructed and fully supplied with inventory items. All computers at the building have Wi-Fi Internet access. The teaching staff and students use this opportunity of informational technology in getting effective results during the lessons.

The Faculty can satisfy the need of the state and non-state agricultural sectors of the Republic in economists’ personnel with higher education.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses:

  1. Economics
  2. Finance
  3. Accounting and audit
  4. Tourism
  5. Management
  6. Statistics

Master’s Degree Program

  • 5A230102- Economics
  • 5A230901- Accounting and audit
  • 5A230601- State finance and international finance
  • 5A230108- The Struggle against monopoly and dispute development

The Faculty of Economics has close ties with the major scientific centers and economical faculties of the universities in Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To this date, the Faculty has held about 30 scientific-practical conferences among the universities in a Republic scale.  Particularly, in 2015 the international scientific-practical conference on the theme “Economical and ecological problems of the development of small business and private entrepreneurship in the Aral Sea region”, in 2016 the Republic scientific-practical conference “Social-economic problems of the demographic development and the policy of migration in the Republic”, in 2017 the Republic scientific-practical conference “The problems of optimization of an industrial structure of economic regions in the Republic of Karakalpakstan”, in 2018 the Republic scientific-practical conference “Ensuring employment of the population of the regions and their prosperity: conditions, problems and development strategies”, in 2019 the Republic scientific-practical conference “The Importance of investment in prosperity of the nations in the Aral Sea region” were held.

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