Department of commercialization of scientific and innovative developments

Full name: 

Jangabaev Jumabek Jalgasovich


Nukus, Ch.Abdirov st. N1




Main goals:

  •  a systematic market analysis and study of the demand for innovative products (works, services) and their terms of self-sufficiency, profitability and the risks of commercialization of innovative products;
  • Selection of promising projects with high commercial potential and ready for implementation;
  • attracting investors, partners and other interested parties to the implementation of innovative projects;
  •  Interaction with industrial enterprises on the introduction of new technologies and the production of innovative ideas and products.


The composition of the employees of the department:

The head of the department is Jangabaev Jumabek Jalgasovich.

  1. Manager – Ospanov Timur
  2. Manager – Sultanova Dilafruz
  3. Manager – Erejepova

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